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June 22, 2014

Lexi Thompson


Q. Obviously you set your standard high, but you're going to finish in the top-10. All in all, satisfied?
LEXI THOMPSON: Yeah, the overall picture I am satisfied. Today I just didn't make anything. I put a lot of good strokes on a lot of my putts but just didn't matchup the speed with the line, I guess. But the course was in great shape this week. Overall I take a lot of positives out of the week.

Q. Talk about the positives that you are taking out of it. Finishing up with a 71, I mean, tell me what other things that you are taking out that are positive.
LEXI THOMPSON: I think mainly just the way I stayed in it. I definitely could have let yesterday get to me with the struggles on 8 and 9, but I had a pretty good back nine and just stayed in it. But I really just tried to focus on my routine on every shot and you think I did that pretty well. Women's Open, I definitely just want to slow yourself down, do your routine and stay in one shot at a time.

Q. Is that what happened on Saturday, you got out of your routine?
LEXI THOMPSON: 8 and 9, I had a bad miss on 8 and then I didn't play too smart on the next shot. I didn't just make sure I could get it on. But 9 was just unfortunate. I hit a really good shot, bounced a little too far, and then I dropped it in a hole. So it's golf. It happens, especially at Majors. It's mentally tough. But I'm overall happy with my finish.

Q. The course played 62, 70 or so today and it never played longer than 6296, I believe. And it was billed at around 6650 coming in. Are you kind of disappointed that you didn't get to see the whole course or the course at it's maximum?
LEXI THOMPSON: Yeah, it was a lot different. Playing the practice round, I played the tees from all the way back, figuring I was going to -- it was going to be playing there, with being a Major. I was having a lot of mid to long irons in, which I really liked, which I'm pretty much always used to in a Major, especially a Women's Open. So it did play a lot different in the actual rounds. I would have liked to have seen it play a little bit longer but it played the same for everybody.

Q. Not looking for an excuse, though, but is that a legitimate reason that you could have finished a little better, do you think?
LEXI THOMPSON: It's hard to say. Even if it played shorter, I didn't play the shorter holes much better. Because the greens are so tough even with a wedge in your hand you have to think about so many numbers and where you want to place it, you can't go for too many pins, even with a gap wedge in your hand.

Q. In general, do you think the par-5s on the LPGA maybe are a little too long?

Q. Yeah. On the LPGA. In women's golf because I know a men's par-5 is around 500, 550. It's not much different for you guys and yet there's a big difference coming in with angle and so forth.
LEXI THOMPSON: Well, usually when we're playing a LPGA event there's at least two of the par-5s they make somewhat reachable, which is good. The other two, usually you have to lay up, if there is four on the golf course. But I don't think they're too long. The longer the better, I like it. It definitely rewards longer hitters, if you're longer and can go for it. But you've got to play smart out here, no matter what.

Q. But it seems on the PGA TOUR almost every par-5 is reachable in two. Would you like to see that with you guys?
LEXI THOMPSON: I think it would make it a little bit more interesting and get fans more excited about it. But sometimes par-5s are just three shot holes. You have to take it that way.

Q. You are obviously out here to win this week, but if Michelle is able to close out here first Major, what do you think that will mean for women's golf?
LEXI THOMPSON: I think that it will mean a lot of things for women's golf. I think it will grow women's golf a lot. Michelle is playing so great right now. I played with her the first two day, I think, yeah. And she's just hitting the ball so great. No, I played with her yesterday, sorry. And she's just hitting it so well. Very consistent and the irons are just lasers right on the pin every time. It was matter of time before she got her first Major.

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