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June 21, 2014

Scott Langley


Q.テつ Scott, you and Michael, you started together, you end up kind of the same.テつ You got there in different ways, but overall, you gotta like the way you're sitting right now.
SCOTT LANGLEY:テつ Sure.テつ Yeah, kind of a tough start.テつ Tried to just grind today.テつ It was a different golf course out there, and it was a little firmer coming into the green, a little less receptive, which made it a little more difficult.テつ But we just kind of kept fighting and kept giving ourselves chances, and made a couple birdies on the back 9.テつ It was kind of nice to get it back to even for the day, and I feel I put myself right back in the tournament.
I'm kind of excited to be a couple back and kind of chasing from behind a little bit tomorrow.テつ I feel like maybe there's a little less pressure on me.テつ So it'll be fun tomorrow.

Q.テつ Recent history might say 10 through 14 was Bubba and last year with Duke and guys in between, first‑time winners and stuff like that.テつ Stuff like that, does that mean anything?
SCOTT LANGLEY:テつ Not really.テつ You know, what those guys did the last few years, I know it's kind of a trend here, but what they did, to be honest, doesn't really have much bearing on what happens tomorrow.テつ I'm going to go play with confidence, and just, you know, stick to my process and stick to my routine.
I mean, of course I'd love to win, but there's a lot ahead of me still, so I need to keep focused and keep my head down and just keep playing.

Q.テつ Did you have the lead after three at the Memorial as well?
SCOTT LANGLEY:テつ I was‑‑ I think I was in second going into the last round.テつ Yeah.

Q.テつ Do you draw anything off that?
SCOTT LANGLEY:テつ Just same kind of lesson.テつ You know, there's a lot going on on Sunday playing with Bubba at Memorial, and I feel like tomorrow my goal is similar to today, just keep my head down and keep playing, kind of try and block out what's going on around me a little bit in terms of other players and their score and just really focus on my game, because this course, you know, though the scores are somewhat low, it's challenging, and it can come up and bite you if you lose your focus.テつ So I just need to keep fighting and keep pushing and, again, have a good focus tomorrow, and I think I'll be fine.

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