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June 21, 2014

Lexi Thompson


LEXI THOMPSON: Just went kind of wrong today is my irons weren't really on. I didn't hit my driver good at all. I just was overturning it and got me in trouble a lot of the time.

Q. Was it anything you could detect in the midst of the round that was giving you swing trouble?
LEXI THOMPSON: I think it was just an off day. I started off well and I made a bad mess on No. 8. And I actually hit a perfect shot on 9, it just went about three or four yards too far. And I had a bad drop, it went right in a hole. Got a little unlucky, but I didn't ball strike it very well and I missed a few short putts.

Q. Is there any particular iron that you are working on now?
LEXI THOMPSON: Just an 8-iron. I was just practicing mid-iron, because I get a good amount of them out there.

Q. Talk about your game plan for tomorrow.
LEXI THOMPSON: Pretty much going into tomorrow with the same attitude, maybe be a little bit more agressive, but still just be patient, play smart. Anything can happen final day of the U.S. Women's Open. So just play smart and take advantage of some of the pins that you can be agressive on. Take the birdies when you can.

Q. The way things went you're not necessarily out of it by any means. Positions juggled, players switched spots, but you're still alive. So how do you approach the day?
LEXI THOMPSON: Anything can happen on the final day of a U.S. Women's Open. So I think I still do have a chance, I'm just going to go out there with a positive attitude tomorrow and take one shot at a time and pretty much just visualize good shots out there and commit to them.

Q. On 18 did that give you any positive feelings or momentum, just given the day was a little bit of a struggle?
LEXI THOMPSON: It gave me a little bit of confidence, that's for sure. Any time you see a putt go in on 18 and hear the fans cheer that loud for you, you definitely -- it definitely gives you a lot more confidence going into tomorrow. But it was a tough day over all, but I ended with birdie. And it felt good.

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