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June 21, 2014

Danny Willett


Q.テつ The hole‑in‑one at 7, describe that one.
DANNY WILLETT:テつ It was a perfect number, wind out of the left with an 8‑iron, kind of saying go in and not really quite sure and it slam dunked.

Q.テつ Players often tell us it's difficult to come down off that high; tell us how well you played for the rest of the day?
DANNY WILLETT:テつ Really good.テつ I've been playing great for a long time.テつ Just can't quite seem to get anything going on the greens, but holed a wedge yesterday, holed an 8‑iron today.テつ We're playing some good golf and today was one of them days where things went your way, obviously the hole‑in‑one and we holed a few nice ones.テつ We're working hard and things seem to be paying off.

Q.テつ We don't know what the lead will be but you're sure to have a chance, great atmosphere. How much are you looking forward to that?
DANNY WILLETT:テつ It's great, any time you're in the last few groups in any tournament, it's brilliant.テつ The crowds out here are amazing.テつ We were off at 10.30 and the crowds were still good.

Q.テつ New course record; do you mind recalling some of the highlights for us?
DANNY WILLETT:テつ It was great, lots of birdies, hole‑in‑one was the highlight, great day all around.

Q.テつ Was it one of those you felt was close right from the off?
DANNY WILLETT:テつ Yeah, it was a perfect number with an 8‑iron, so a little bit out of the left, just moving at the end, never expected it to slam dunk at the end.

Q.テつ Obviously a lot of golf still to be played but regardless you're going to be right in contention heading into the final round?
DANNY WILLETT:テつ There's a score out there; probably going to be a few back but you know, good round today.

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