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June 21, 2014

Mikko Ilonen


Q.テつ Thoughts on your play today?
MIKKO ILONEN:テつ It was very much the same as yesterday.テつ I was off here and there, especially a couple of drives in the beginning on those par 5s.テつ The par 5s wasn't the best today anyway.テつ I bogeyed 10 but managed to make a birdie on 18.テつ But all in all, I kept it nicely together.テつ I felt really good on the course.テつ You know, I'm pretty pleased with how I finished.

Q.テつ You know all about winning in front of home fans, you've done it twice at the Scandinavian Masters and tomorrow the shoe is on the other foot; you're against a crowd that want Graeme McDowell to win.テつ How do you counter that?
MIKKO ILONEN:テつ Well, playing with Willett will help.テつ Graeme will be in front of us.
It will be the same tomorrow as today.テつ I've been leading all the way this week and been handling the pressure of the lead pretty well so far, so I'm expecting not to do anything else tomorrow.

Q.テつ Just sum up the feeling after today's round for us?
MIKKO ILONEN:テつ It was a good finish.テつ Birdie on 18 in front of that crowd is a great feeling.テつ The day overall was very much the same as yesterday.テつ I played pretty much the same all the way.

Q.テつ You think you'll need to go a lot lower tomorrow to win this event?
MIKKO ILONEN:テつ Well, I have a number in my head which is a lot lower than we are right now.テつ I had a target today to get to a lot lower than where I am now, but I'm still leading, so it's not a bad spot to be.テつ So I was happy to make that birdie on the last to get the lead back.

Q.テつ What are your thoughts on the way it's panned out on the third day?
MIKKO ILONEN:テつ It was a fun day.テつ I didn't play my best.テつ Pretty much the same as yesterday.テつ I think I made two bogeys today, which wasn't too bad.テつ Made two bogeys yesterday and even that tells you it was pretty much the same as yesterday.テつ Obviously I would like to hit a little closer as I have the last couple of days.テつ The course is giving a lot of chances as we saw Danny shooting a 63.テつ So the scores are out there.テつ Just have to go and get them.

Q.テつ Are you aware of how you're carrying yourself?テつ You look composed and in control of yourself?
MIKKO ILONEN:テつ I felt comfortable, maybe that's why.テつ I've been feeling comfortable in the situation, leading the tournament, so I was really pleased I got the lead back on the 18th.テつ So hope I can walk the same way tomorrow.

Q.テつ I'm sure the crowds have increased; are you aware of how many thousands upon thousands are here today?
MIKKO ILONEN:テつ There's plenty.テつ You don't really think about the numbers.テつ I would have a good guess it's somewhere around 25,000, 30,000 today.テつ It's big enough.

Q.テつ Green shirt accordingly?
MIKKO ILONEN:テつ Yeah, I thought maybe get a few more fans today for tomorrow.

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