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June 21, 2014

Stephanie Meadow


Q. It's hard to believe that two weeks ago we were at the Curtis Cup.

Q. A little different atmosphere. Can you talk about the transition and just how it's felt overall?
STEPHANIE MEADOW: Yeah, I mean, it's obviously a lot different, but I think having played in two Majors before that's helped me out a lot. I'm kind of used to the big environment and the crowds and everything that goes along with a U.S. Open. Yeah, it's different, but I've worked my whole life to this. I'm doing my thing.

Q. What happened today, was it ball-striking, putting, you got some tremendous because up-and-downs?
STEPHANIE MEADOW: Yeah, I hit the ball really well today -- yeah, pretty much all day. I struggled a little bit coming in with putting speed. But it's a U.S. Open, everybody is going to make mistakes. It happens in different ways. Overall, I'm really happy with how I played and I'm just going to work on different things and get ready for tomorrow.

Q. A lot of people are going to say, well, she's from Northern Ireland, but they don't realize you've spent the last eight years in South Carolina and Tuscaloosa. Does it suit you? What's the --
STEPHANIE MEADOW: I think it does a little bit. There's a little help there from my Portrush background, but it's just the type of golf course where you've got to be accurate, you've got to hit your numbers, and you've got to be really patient, because you're going to hit great shots and they're not going to end on the green. I don't know if it really suits anyone, it's just about execution.

Q. Can you talk about getting into the event? You were kind of -- weren't you an alternate?

Q. How did you get the word and all that sort of thing?
STEPHANIE MEADOW: I went to California in between regionals and nationals. I was first alternate. And then I waited probably three weeks when we were at a training camp for Curtis Cup the week before in Atlanta. And I got a phone call and it said from New Jersey, and I'm thinking, okay, this is the USGA. And I'm thinking, please don't be about Curtis Cup, please be about U.S. Open. To start my professional career here is so amazing. I'm so blessed that it happened. It's awesome.

Q. Could you have asked for a better debut as a professional?
STEPHANIE MEADOW: No, you couldn't dream of a better start.

Q. Just talk about if you could elaborate on that a little bit and the fact that, what were your expectations coming in playing, your first professional event here and now you are contending for a U.S. Open championship, very much so?
STEPHANIE MEADOW: Yeah. I didn't really have expectations, I just wanted to go out and see where I was. I knew I was playing well. I work with Vision 54 and my coach, Nick Potter, and my dad, who is also my coach, we all talked about what I wanted to do and the main thing was just be myself and play my game and I knew that my game could be up here against the best in the world and I've proven that, obviously.

Q. What has the last two weeks been like as a professional. There's a lot of hoopla that goes with that transition.
STEPHANIE MEADOW: Actually, I only turned professional on Sunday. So I had a little bit -- it was a little different. But I've worked my whole life for this, as I said before, so you've got to enjoy it.

Q. Have you got an agent yet?
STEPHANIE MEADOW: Not as of yet, no.

Q. Your thoughts about going out on Sunday afternoon, being in contention. It's a sporting event, but it's also theater.

Q. And just being part of that theater.
STEPHANIE MEADOW: It's awesome. I love playing for the crowd. The crowd has been great out here, very supportive. It's nice to hear cheers when you make putts. It's just fun. I love playing golf. I love to be out here and this is the stage to do it in.

Q. I know you didn't like the overall finish in Curtis Cup, but you played awfully well. Was that something that carried over for you this week?
STEPHANIE MEADOW: Yeah, definitely. That was a big performance for me. I know the team didn't do that great, but on a whole I hit the ball really well. I learned a lot from that experience, good warm up. To have the big crowds there, too. It was a big transition period for me.

Q. Sunday you played really well.
STEPHANIE MEADOW: Uh-huh. In the singles, yeah.

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