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June 21, 2014

Juli Inkster

Annika Sorenstam


DAN HICKS: I don't want to talk about the number, but you've got a birthday coming up Tuesday.

JULI INKSTER: I'll be spending it with you.

DAN HICKS: Congratulations on a -- by the way, I'm here with Women's Open royalty, we got five titles between you guys, two for Juli and three for Annika. I know she stole one from you in Prairie Dunes, but we won't get into that.

JULI INKSTER: Earned it.

DAN HICKS: This is your last Women's Open. For sure? Or do you have a performance like you had today, maybe you have another good performance tomorrow and you say, well, wait a minute.

JULI INKSTER: No, I'm good. It's hard. It's tough. I played really well today, but it's just a lot of work. 35, that's a nice solid number. It's good to go out on.

DAN HICKS: 66. Let's show some of the highlights. How early in this round did you feel like this could be a special one?

JULI INKSTER: Well I birdied 1 right out of the hopper and I just feel -- I hit my irons really well all day today and I pretty much hit 18 greens today. So I gave myself a lot of chances and putting is always questionable for me and I made some good putts today. So it was fun.

DAN HICKS: You kept it together. This was a nice par save at 16.

JULI INKSTER: Yes, got a little aggressive. This green the last three or four feet just seem to roll out. I was on the front of the green. That hole played really long today for a short knocker.

DAN HICKS: As you came up 18 you hit a really good approach there. Did you know that you had a chance to tie Martin Kaymer for the best round of the Championships?

JULI INKSTER: Yes, I hit a good putt and I was very happy with my putt there, just broke after the hole. Yeah, two 65s out here for Martin Kaymer, that's impressive.

DAN HICKS: And did you see your play rounding into shape here? I know that the Women's Open hasn't been -- obviously you've won it twice, but the last few years you haven't made the weekend.


DAN HICKS: Did you see this kind of coming?

JULI INKSTER: Well, I have been hitting the ball pretty good. I just don't put it together, concentration's not as good as it used to be. Grinding -- I don't grind as well as I used to. But it's the type of golf course like this, it weeds out a lot of players and I just felt like if I hit my spots I could be okay.

ANNIKA SORENSTAM: Juli, coming into this championship there was a lot of concern about the golf course and now you've been out there for three competitive rounds. How is the course holding up.

JULI INKSTER: It's dry, the greens were a lot more acceptable today. They were holding better in the morning. I think the USGA's done a phenomenal job, it's been great for women's golf to be able to play the same course, kind of the same conditions the men had. We're doing pretty good. We're holding our own up there.

DAN HICKS: Just for the record, 54 years young on Tuesday. Babe Zaharias is the oldest champion of this event at 43, not like you didn't have to be reminded of that.

JULI INKSTER: Shatter that.

DAN HICKS: You would absolutely shatter that. Juli, great playing and we wish you nothing but the best for tomorrow.

JULI INKSTER: Thanks, Dan. Thanks, Annika.

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