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June 20, 2014

Richard Gasquet


R. GASQUET/D. Istomin
6‑4, 6‑2

THE MODERATOR:テつ Questions, please.

Q.テつ Congratulations.

Q.テつ Clearly the back is completely better?
RICHARD GASQUET:テつ Yeah, yeah.テつ I played a good match today.テつ It was important, you know, to play well because Denis is dangerous.
I tried to serve well.テつ You know, the key on grass is to serve and return well.テつ I managed to do it.テつ I'm very happy with the way I played, because it's always difficult to play on grass.テつ Everything can happen, so you need to be strong on every point.

Q.テつ Your confidence must be high both in your physical well‑being and your form.
RICHARD GASQUET:テつ Yeah, I need to play every day.テつ That's why I'm very happy, because I can play every day.テつ I have no injuries, no pain.テつ It's important for me.
Now tomorrow I can play in the finals.テつ Of course when you play in final it's to win, so I will try my best to do it.

Q.テつ Two difficult opponents, either Lopez who has won here or Querrey with a big serve.
RICHARD GASQUET:テつ Yeah, I know it will be tough.テつ Both are good guys.テつ Both serve well.テつ It will be a big match for me.
But I'm ready for it, and I will try to fight the best I can and we will see what will happen.

Q.テつ In terms of your Wimbledon preparations, how do you feel about the fact that you'll be going straight into it?テつ Do you think that's a good thing?
RICHARD GASQUET:テつ Yeah, it's very good for me.テつ As I said, the most important was here to feel no pain, to feel good, to play 100%.
I feel very good with my body, and of course I can play Tuesday in Wimbledon.テつ I play many matches here, so I think I will be ready for Wimbledon.
The confidence is going up.テつ Tomorrow it's a final, you know, so it's important to win.テつ I will try.

Q.テつ After such a great season in 2013, how frustrating has it been for to you have to deal with all these injuries?
RICHARD GASQUET:テつ Yeah, it's never easy.テつ I have a lot of problems with my back, so I'm trying to come back every day.
Now I can enjoy the final.テつ I know I work a lot to come back on my physical condition and everything.
You know, I want to enjoy tomorrow, yeah, to play the best I can.テつ Of course I hope to, in the future, to have no more injuries.

Q. テつHow much does Wimbledon excite you in your current form?
RICHARD GASQUET:テつ Yeah, it's very important.テつ It's one of the biggest tournaments in the world.テつ I did semis one time.テつ I know I can play well there.
I will try to do my best.テつ I think I'm in a good form now.テつ I'm feeling better and better and better.
So we will see.

Q.テつ The weather has been very kind to you in Eastbourne.
RICHARD GASQUET:テつ Yeah, it's amazing, really.テつ No rain at all.テつ It's incredible.

Q.テつ Are you still working with Sergi Bruguera?

Q.テつ How has that been going?
RICHARD GASQUET:テつ Well, everything is okay.テつ He knows the tennis very good.テつ He won twice Roland Garros, so he was a great champion.テつ I respect him and I respect what he's saying to me every day.

Q.テつ Is he working with you more on the technical aspects of your game or...
RICHARD GASQUET:テつ On everything.テつ On physical condition, mental.テつ Mental part is very important in sport.テつ On everything.

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