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June 20, 2014

Heather Watson


M. KEYS/H. Watson
6‑3, 6‑1

THE MODERATOR:テつ Questions, please.

Q.テつ She hits a bit of a hard ball, doesn't she?
HEATHER WATSON:テつ Actually, today I feel that of all the WTA matches I have ever played, ITF, pro, anything, I think today was against my toughest opponent ever.テつ I think she played really, really well, massive serve, massive groundstrokes.
I tried to hang in there at the beginning, had a few chances in the games early on, but wasn't able to convert.テつ You know what?テつ She just played too good for me today.

Q.テつ How would you sum up your week here?テつ What are your feelings about what you've achieved?
HEATHER WATSON:テつ Well, when I came off the court I was very upset with how it went, especially being at home and the scoreline, but when I look back after I had had a bit of time to think, you know, it's been a good week.テつ I played some really good tennis early on in the tournament.テつ I got to the semifinals.
You know, it's positive.テつ I'm playing well and I'm looking forward to next week.

Q.テつ Do you feel you're playing your best tennis, getting back to where you were when you reached 39 in the rankings?
HEATHER WATSON:テつ I actually feel like I'm playing better than I was then, playing more positive, more aggressive.テつ I think if I keep playing how I'm playing it will take me higher than 39.

Q.テつ Did you have a chance to look at the Wimbledon draw?
HEATHER WATSON:テつ Well, I did look at it.テつ I usually don't like to look too soon, because then it just takes over my mind, but I looked because I knew that I'd get asked and I saw that I play Ajla Tomljanovic.

Q.テつ Have you played her before?
HEATHER WATSON:テつ I played her a few times in juniors, but this is I think over five years ago now, so this will be our first professional meeting.

Q.テつ Are you more confident going into Wimbledon this year than you were last?
HEATHER WATSON:テつ Absolutely.テつ I'm a completely different person.
Last year I was kind of hoping ‑‑I couldn't think positively.テつ I couldn't see myself winning my first match.テつ I was just not very positive, I don't know, not very happy.
But this year I'm completely different.テつ I mean, I think I have played more matches already in this half year than I did the whole of last year.テつ Well, I did.テつ I'm sure I have.
So I'm feeling positive about my game, positive about tennis, and just positive about life.

Q.テつ Was that all part of the glandular fever last Wimbledon?
HEATHER WATSON:テつ Yeah, it was.テつ I wasn't fully over it.テつ I wanted to come back too soon.テつ I couldn't see my ranking drop anymore.
You know, I just wanted to get back out before I was ready, which wasn't good.テつ I have learned my lesson from that.
For example, this year when I had the rib injury, I made sure I didn't come back too soon.テつ I had to make sure I was 100%, because if you do and you lose a match, that can still have an effect on your confidence even if you weren't 100%.

Q.テつ Talk a bit about Wimbledon and looking forward to it.
HEATHER WATSON:テつ Well, I look forward to it every year all year.テつ It's exciting.テつ It's one of the most famous tournaments, one of the most original, and I love playing there.

Q.テつ You're playing doubles with Genie Bouchard.テつ Is this the first time you have played together?
HEATHER WATSON:テつ Yeah, it's the first time we have played together.テつ I really look forward to it.テつ She's been playing brilliant this year so far, even at the end of last year.テつ I really look forward to playing with her.
I think we can do really well.テつ I saw our draw.テつ We have a very tough draw against Casey and Ashleigh Barty.テつ But I definitely look forward to playing with Genie.

Q.テつ What are your first memories of Wimbledon seen on TV?
HEATHER WATSON:テつ You know what?テつ I really didn't watch tennis on TV when I was younger, but I did go once because a tennis coach from Guernsey invited me.
I remember watching Venus against somebody in the semifinals.テつ I was about nine.テつ I took a loo break, and then I missed coming back on at the next change of ends, so then I missed the end of the match (laughter).
I wasn't quick enough.テつ I just missed it.

Q.テつ Regarding Genie, how is it that partnership came about?テつ When and where did you agree to team up?
HEATHER WATSON:テつ I just messaged her, asked her if she wanted to play.テつ She said yes.テつ I said, Oh, brilliant.テつ That was it (smiling).

Q.テつ How good do you think Keys is going to be?
HEATHER WATSON:テつ I think ‑‑I mean, Keys' ranking at the moment doesn't reflect how she can play.テつ She's beaten really high players, highly ranked players.テつ But I think she's just ‑‑she's still so young and she's just maturing, you know, needs that consistency.
But I think if she doesn't get top 10, I think she's definitely underachieving.

Q.テつ How do you play somebody that powerful?テつ I mean, do you have to psych yourself in a different way in the match?テつ Because the shots just come at you like bullets, don't they?
HEATHER WATSON:テつ Well, I know she hits the ball hard.テつ I played her last year at Wimbledon.テつ She hit the ball double as hard as she did then.
I was prepared for it.テつ You know, I know she hits the ball hard.テつ I know she has a big serve.
From the beginning of the match I stood further back on her first serve to give myself more time.テつ I knew she had a big kick second serve, so I stepped in to take it early.
So I prepared myself, I prepared myself as much as I possibly could, but just today wasn't good enough.

Q.テつ You have heard players say that she was just too good today.テつ What do you tell yourself to motivate yourself for that type of match?
HEATHER WATSON:テつ Well, I didn't know she'd be too good before the match, so I was thinking positively, ready to win, going out, going to battle, give my everything.
And it was tough, especially in ‑‑I remember one game I was 40‑Love up to break her, and she just sent down like five rockets to win the game.
It's tough, especially when you don't even get a look at one of those balls.テつ But, I mean, what can I do?テつ I've just got to keep trying and do my best to stay positive.

Q.テつ You sure it wasn't because you were avoiding jumping in the sea?
HEATHER WATSON:テつ Oh, no, I'd like to do that.テつ I'm a real sea swimmer.

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