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June 20, 2014

Lexi Thompson


Q. Talk about 17, that was a nice par save there -- I mean No. 8. You were able to get that par save. Do you feel like that was an important part of your round?
LEXIE THOMPSON: My 17th hole today? Yeah, well, getting that 2-putt, it's very important out there. I missed a few greens today where it ran off and I just decided to putt. You just have to really find your speed control out here and trust your putts. Even if you get your putt around six to eight feet for par, at least have you a chance for par.

Q. How do you feel about the round? Do you feel pretty good?
LEXIE THOMPSON: Yeah, I do. Today went very well for me. I just stayed within one shot at a time and did my routine and had fun in between shots, not really -- didn't really get stressed out about the bad shots, just went to the next one, go find it and I think that's all about U.S. Women's Opens, you just have to stay patient and there was a few birdie holes on back nine for me, on my second nine. So I knew I could make a few birdies there.

Q. When you talk about the scruffy area and sandy area and strength, should it be any coincidence that two of the stronger players are the only ones under par still?
LEXIE THOMPSON: Well, I hit it in the sandy areas a good amount today. My driver wasn't as straight as it was the first day. But I think that strength definitely helps, but you can get pretty lucky in the sandy stuff. You can get to where it's not up against a clump of grass, but you never know. You just have to hit it straight.

Q. Does your strength help you a lot more than others?
LEXIE THOMPSON: Well, yeah, if it's in a bad lie in a sandy area, strength definitely helps so you can hack it out there have a little bit better.

Q. Too early to feel this is a redo of the Kraft?
LEXIE THOMPSON: Yeah, it's definitely too early. 36 holes in a Major, I mean that's a lot of golf to be played. Especially at a U.S. Women's Open. So I'm going to take one shot at a time and be patient like I have the last two days and see where it takes me.

Q. Everybody's talked about patience, that's been the recurring theme throughout this championship. Why are people -- are you seeing it or are you sensing that maybe you're not holding it in when you need to or are you seeing it elsewhere?
LEXIE THOMPSON: I think it's more being patient because there's not as many birdie holes on this golf course. They're mainly all pars on this golf course. Other tournaments, there's a good amount of birdie holes and that you walk into and say, all right, I can birdie this one. But out here you just have to play smart, place your ball in the right part of the greens and take your par sometimes and be happy with it. Definitely I walked off a few greens and just really am happy with par. Sometimes bogeys are even good.

Q. How did closing out at Kraft help you going into this weekend?
LEXIE THOMPSON: It helps me out a lot. Just getting that confidence for my first Major win helped me out. Just coming down the stretch with that much pressure, through that last round and not being that nervous. So coming into the weekend and being in the final group tomorrow, I think that experience will help me out a lot.

Q. How do you balance a chase for a championship against being patient? How do you strike accord knowing you want to get to the top but knowing you can't do too much or it will take you back to the field?
LEXIE THOMPSON: I would say it's just staying in one shot at a time. Not getting ahead of yourself. Because out here, anything can happen. You just can't think about shots ahead, you have to think about that same exact shot that you're getting over, think about the yardage you want to hit it and where you want to place it on the greens out here. You can't think about the results.

Q. It seemed like at Kraft Nabisco you and Michelle knew there was so much at stake on that Sunday and you guys still seemed to have good conversation and communicate with each other, which isn't always the case when two people are going for a championship. Does that have a lot to do -- she talked today about how she feels that you guys have a good relationship out there. Can you talk about that.
LEXIE THOMPSON: Yeah, we're pretty relaxed whenever we're around each other. We're pretty good friends. So I'm sure tomorrow we'll be having conversations in between shots. But don't get me wrong, we're going to be super focused and trying to beat the whole field, not just each other. But we do have a good relationship, which is nice and keeps it a little bit more relaxed.

Q. Do you love that feeling, because I mean just like at Kraft, this, in terms of gallery, you can't get more high wattage than you and Michelle together. Do you like that feeling of having you two out there together on a weekend and knowing how big the crowds are probably going to be with your group?
LEXIE THOMPSON: Yeah, I really love it. I love -- I've always loved playing in front of huge crowds and having people cheer me on in between holes. It gives me a lot of confidence and knowing that people are there supporting me and it's great to have that many fans out there. I'm looking forward to seeing the crowd size out there on the weekend.

Q. Do you like the sandy waste areas setup in that if you hit it off line in a regular Women's Open, you're probably going to have to pitch out, but as you make your way to the ball, you know you've got a chance, right? How does that affect your driving and just the way you attack the course?
LEXIE THOMPSON: Yeah, I definitely feel a little bit more comfortable with the sandy areas. You get over the tee shots a little bit more relaxed. Knowing that if you do hit it a little bit off line, that you could possibly get a shot in the sandy waste areas. Which is a nice feeling to have. But you can just be a few yards off out here and it will be in the sandy waste areas, too.

Q. What was your best recovery shot today from there?
LEXIE THOMPSON: Best recovery shot? Well, I was in the waste area quite a bit. So I would have to think about it. I'll get back to you. I will think about it. I can't think about a shot on the spot.

Q. Can you give us club and distance on your birdies? Do you remember those?
LEXIE THOMPSON: Yeah. I'll give you -- well the first birdie I made was on the drivable hole, No. 3. I hit my 5-wood up green side and a little bit of a waste area and actually putted it up to about two and a half feet. Then the next hole I had 171, pin. I hit a 7-iron just past the hole about 15 feet. Next hole, par-5, I had 195, pin. I hit a 5-iron.

Q. From the scruff?
LEXIE THOMPSON: Yeah, out of the waste area to about, to the right fringe, which was about 45 feet. And then I 2-putted.

Q. Do you remember the first time you saw Michelle's putting stance, and it's odd looking. First time you saw it, what did you think?
LEXIE THOMPSON: Well, I think everybody's first initial thought was that it's different. But I can tell you what, she's putting a lot better and she seems a lot more confident over her putts, so it's all about how you feel over a putt, what makes it comfortable. It doesn't matter how you look, it matters how you get it in the hole. So good for her.

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