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June 20, 2014

Stacy Lewis


Q. Bogey-free yesterday?
STACY LEWIS: Uh-huh. A lot today. (Laughter.)

Q. What do you think? Was it the speed on the long putts, probably?
STACY LEWIS: Well, I didn't hit the ball very good to start. Then the putting just didn't help. At a U.S. Open you're going to have to make some 5- and 6-footers and that's what I didn't do today. I left -- I hit some bad iron shots but I didn't leave myself in that bad of places, I just didn't putt very good, but I played really good the last five holes. So I hung around and that's what you've got to do at this tournament.

Q. Michelle at 4 and no one else stands under par, were you trying to get to that 1-under position to play in the last group tomorrow? Were you thinking about it?
STACY LEWIS: Yeah, you can't really think about trying to make birdies on this golf course, so you just got to try and hit as many good shots as you can. And I got to 1-over and kind of thought that I've got to keep myself in this, I've got to keep hanging around. By no means am I out of this thing. We have got way too much golf to play. So I knew I just didn't have it today and I just had to keep grinding and get the ball in the hole.

Q. (No Microphone.)
STACY LEWIS: Yeah, you can't fret over one round. You're going to have a bad round on this golf course. It's just the way it is. If that's the worst I play this week, I think I'll be all right. But, like I said, 1-under par, the last five holes and hit some good iron shots and I'm going to take that into tomorrow, because it's there. I hit a ton of fairways today and I mean the swing's not that far off. So just going to shore up the putting a little bit and we'll be good for tomorrow.

Q. It looked like you had your bad round but it wasn't your bad round -- it wasn't a disastrous round, you didn't shoot yourself out of the tournament. Is that how you feel?
STACY LEWIS: Yeah, when you get in trouble on this course, you got to make bogey. You can't make doubles or worse than that. You've just got to just be -- just stay really patient and that's what I did. I hit some good shots; 14, 15, was really nice; 16, 17, 18, made some good pars. So that's what you've got to do on this golf course.

Q. How much different did the course play today compared to yesterday and have you given any thought, what if they make it any tougher?
STACY LEWIS: I think that just playing morning versus afternoon, ball was rolling out a lot more. I was closer when we had the tees the same, it was closer. But I think it played slightly harder just because more tees were back, just longer irons into a few holes. I thought the greens were actually a little bit slower and it could just be the afternoon versus the morning, I don't know. But I just didn't quite get the speed. But if -- I definitely think they will get things harder, definitely.

Q. Did that rain do anything, except be a nuisance?
STACY LEWIS: It was annoying. I think that we were on six green when it rained pretty hard and it definitely affected that putt. But once we got to the next hole, I think the greens had dried out, so I don't think it did much.

Q. Do you want them to set it up harder? The harder the better?
STACY LEWIS: Oh, yeah. I like it hard. I like it when you've got to hit shots and think your way around and be patient. I like having those drivable holes, just to make it a little bit fun for everybody and kind of switch it up. But the USGA will keep doing that, they will keep switching things up. I hope it's harder. I think four shots on a harder golf course is a good spot to be.

Q. Do you look at Michelle any differently than you did a couple years ago, now that she's around the lead?
STACY LEWIS: Well I think you look -- yeah, I think -- I look up to everybody. I think you look at the way Michelle has played the last six months and you look at her differently. I think she's hitting the ball -- she's one of the best -- I think she's become one of the best ball strikers on TOUR. She hits it really consistent, she knows where the ball's going, and she's figuring out how to win. That's the big thing. I don't know, I think that we have become closer over the last few years and it's good to -- it's great for the TOUR, it's great for women's golf that she's playing well. That brings a lot of fans in. So I'm not surprised, I said coming into this year, I said Michelle was going to have a great year and so I don't think it's any surprise to everybody out here that she's playing well.

Q. (No Microphone.)
STACY LEWIS: Yeah, we played last week at home, actually. We play some in the off weeks and she's got a great short game. And I kind of -- you can learn some shots from her. We were throwing balls in kind of the native areas and in the sand and hitting shots out of there. So it's cool.

Q. Any money games?
STACY LEWIS: No, not yet. The matches we have played we have been on the same team, so.

Q. Obviously you were able to go out and put up a low round yesterday and you even said that possibly somebody could run away with this tournament like Martin did. Do you feel like in order to contend you're going to have to have another round like that?
STACY LEWIS: What? Low round of the week is 3-under? I don't know if somebody shoots something any better than that. I think that this golf course is too hard. We're hitting some long irons. You're hitting hybrids and 5-irons and 6-irons into greens. It's a hard golf course. So I think anything even par, 1- or 2-under the next couple of days, I think you're right there on Sunday.

Q. What course did you guys play last week?
STACY LEWIS: We were at Trump. Down in Florida.

Q. Was it green or brown?
STACY LEWIS: It was green.

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