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June 20, 2014

Ryan Moore


Q.テつ What is it about this course that fits your eye so well?
RYAN MOORE:テつ You know, it's hard to figure out.テつ I'm just comfortable on it.テつ I'm comfortable on it.テつ I'm comfortable with the tee shots, comfortable with the greens and reading them.テつ And yeah, I seem to make putts here, so I think that's definitely a big factor.

Q.テつ You have experience and you've had success here.テつ So going into the weekend, for you, what's the main thing that you have to do well?
RYAN MOORE:テつ Well, I gotta take care of my opportunities a little better than I did today.テつ I had plenty of good shots and just didn't convert the putts.テつ Just never really got the momentum early on with my putter.テつ So I took a nice little chip‑in for eagle there on 15 just to kind of get myself under par today.テつ So you know, just focus on doing exactly what I'm doing, but just gotta convert the putts.

Q.テつ It's like you know what I'm going to ask you next.テつ The 15th hole is our live‑out hole, so we are seeing every group come through from tee to green.テつ Can you kind of break that hole down for me and where the pin placement is, what we can expect to see this afternoon?
RYAN MOORE:テつ It's tough.テつ It's a little front, left pin.テつ It's only playing about maybe 280, 2 85 to the pin.テつ It's mostly back into the wind.テつ The wind was a little swirling today, but it's kind of back into the wind.
You know, if you leave it short, it's a tough pitch.テつ That's where I was, and I kind of got fortunate.テつ I hit the pin right in the middle and it dropped, but you're going to see a lot of guys do quite a few different things down there from using the fairway woods, or if you get a decent lie, maybe you can hit a live wedge and fly it on the green.テつ For me it was like a 52, just kind of bumped it in the slope, and like I said, it worked out.

Q.テつ 15 is obviously a great risk and reward hole.テつ Talk about that a little bit.
RYAN MOORE:テつ It is, especially, you know, they put the pin on that tight little front left spot like it is today.テつ You know, it's not playing very long, but it is back into the wind.テつ That wind was a little all over the place those last four or five holes for us.テつ It was left to right and in and right to left and in.テつ So it's going to be a tough one for guys to figure out today.テつ But like I said, it's not playing real long, 285.テつ You're going to see a lot of 3‑woods, maybe a few drivers.テつ For me it was a driver, and I got about six inches from getting it on the green, and it rolled back down, all the way down to the flat, and from there it's a tough shot.テつ I got fortunate, my chip just hit the middle of the pin and dropped.テつ I mean it was going 15, 18 feet by probably if it doesn't hit the pin.テつ So I was very fortunate there, but I'll take it.

Q.テつ Went from frustration on Wednesday to I assume happy with your place on the leaderboard today?
RYAN MOORE:テつ Yeah.テつ I'm a little frustrated today.テつ I just didn't convert some pretty good shots early.テつ Didn't make the putts that I was kind of making yesterday.
But I honestly was hitting really good putts, so I tried to not let it bother me too much, and I was able to make a few good ones there on the back side, and like I said with the little bonus chip‑in there, and kind of right where I need to be.

Q.テつ You've played so well here before.テつ What was your approach like going into Saturday where you know you can go low again maybe?
RYAN MOORE:テつ Yeah.テつ I mean it's just a certain amount of comfort here for me, and for me it's just kind of relaxing and going and playing, kind of clearing my mind a little bit and going and playing some golf right now.テつ That's what I was trying to do yesterday and today, and so far I've been successful.テつ So I just gotta keep that going.

Q.テつ Yesterday we spoke, you told me how much you like this course.テつ You've had such great finishes here and you've gotta feel great about 9‑under heading into the weekend.
RYAN MOORE:テつ Yeah.テつ I definitely put myself in the position I want to be in.テつ It's going to be somewhat near the lead at the end of the day and going into the weekend.
So you know, I just didn't quite convert some good opportunities today like I did yesterday, but I was fortunate I kind of holed out that little pitch shot there on 15 for eagle, and got me under par for the day.

Q.テつ Yeah.テつ I wanted to ask you about that hole‑out.テつ Take us through the shot, about 40 feet away for, that hole was pretty close to the front edge of the green today.
RYAN MOORE:テつ Yeah, it was in a tough little spot.テつ They put that one there every year.テつ And my ball was about six inches from getting onto the putting surface and then just trickled, it got so far out there that it rolled way back down into the flat.テつ Had it stayed in the middle of the up slope, it's really not that hard of a pitch, but where I got to, you couldn't get any club under it, and it was kind of a firm, tight lie.テつ So I kind of had to bump something into the slope there and kind of got away with one.テつ I hit it a little too firm.テつ It bounced pretty hard and I hit the pin right in the middle.テつ So hey, you take those.テつ You hit enough good chips that hit the pin and bounce out, so I'll take that.

Q.テつ Good luck on the weekend.
RYAN MOORE:テつ All right.テつ Thanks.

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