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June 20, 2014

Dustin Johnson


Q.テつ Dustin, I thought that was a really good ball‑striking round for you, 16 of 18 greens.
DUSTIN JOHNSON:テつ Yeah.テつ I played well.テつ You know, didn't play 13 and 15, you know, the last two days, ended up playing them one over, which is not very good.テつ But you know, other than that, I'm hitting the ball well, I'm getting good looks at the hole, making some putts.テつ You know, I'm happy with the round.

Q.テつ 15 a problem?テつ Seems like you're always in between clubs there.
DUSTIN JOHNSON:テつ Yeah.テつ I hit bad shots both days, hit it in the water both times and got up‑and‑down yesterday and didn't get up‑and‑down today.
Yeah, it's‑‑ yeah, driver is too much and 3‑wood‑‑ I mean it's a perfect 3‑wood.テつ I just hit a bad swing.
But you know, other than that, you know, I hit the ball really well, hit it close to the hole all day and really pleased with the round.テつ Missed a few short ones, but other than that, I did all right.

Q.テつ How are you holding up mentally and physically?テつ What is this, seven in a row for you?
DUSTIN JOHNSON:テつ You know, I'm getting pretty tired, but I'm okay.テつ Obviously playing well helps.テつ If I was struggling this week, I think it wouldn't be fun.
But I'm playing well and I'm happy to be here, and you know, anytime you're up, you know, playing solid, up near the lead, that helps out.

Q.テつ Back‑to‑back 66s.テつ How was it out there today?
DUSTIN JOHNSON:テつ It was good.テつ You know, I played solid, had a lot of looks at it.テつ You know, rolled the putter pretty well, missed a few short ones, but you know, the greens out here are pretty tough to get a good read on.
But I'm pleased with the round, and you know, just need to keep playing solid, keep getting a lot of looks at birdie.

Q.テつ You said you weren't that pleased with how you plead at the U.S. Open as far as ball striking on the weekend.テつ Do you feel that that's turning around this week?
DUSTIN JOHNSON:テつ Yeah.テつ I'm definitely hitting it better.テつ You know, hitting it at the flag.テつ But yeah, just last week, you know, was just a grind the whole time, it felt like.テつ Wasn't hitting it where I was looking.
But you know, it's definitely a lot better this week.

Q.テつ What happened on 13?テつ I know you were in the hazard.
DUSTIN JOHNSON:テつ Oh, nothing.テつ I lost my balance, and so I stepped my club‑‑ like I used my club to catch my balance, which is fine in a hazard as long as you're not grounding it, you know.テつ But we were just making sure that‑‑ but yeah, as long as you're using it for balance, you can set your club down in the hazard.テつ But that was the only thing.テつ That was what we were talking about.

Q.テつ How are you holding up now?テつ Seven in a row.テつ Are you going to need a vacation in Tahiti after this?
DUSTIN JOHNSON:テつ Yeah.テつ I'm going on vacation as soon as I leave here.

Q.テつ I mean are you exhausted?
DUSTIN JOHNSON:テつ No.テつ I'm good.テつ I'm good.テつ I feel good.テつ You know, excited.テつ You know, playing well, so that helps a lot, but yeah, I'm definitely feeling fine.

Q.テつ Back‑to‑back 66.テつ This is your first appearance here since 2009.テつ So how are you liking the course and why do you like to come back here?
DUSTIN JOHNSON:テつ You know, the last few years I've played over in Germany, and this year Travelers.テつ I like it.テつ I played a long time ago.テつ But it just‑‑ I know it's my seventh in a row, but it still fit the schedule.
And I do like the golf course.テつ It's fun to play, and especially coming off the U.S. Open.テつ It's a little bit different track, and still gotta hit good golf shots, but obviously you can make a lot of birdies out there.

Q.テつ Yeah, I talked to Bubba Watson about that yesterday.テつ I said it must feel good to make as many birdies as you do.テつ Do you appreciate them a little bit more coming off a tough track like the U.S. Open?
DUSTIN JOHNSON:テつ Well, you know, at the U.S. Open birdies were few and far between, so you know, it was really tough, you know‑‑ really not a whole lot out there where you can birdie.テつ Here, it's a completely different golf course, and with the conditions, I mean the conditions are perfect and the greens are perfect.
So you know, as long as you hit good shots, you got a good look at birdie all day.

Q.テつ You're hearing a lot this course doesn't really fit anyone's game.テつ You know, you see a Ken Duke win.テつ You see big hitters like Bubba and yourself out there.テつ For you how do you attack this course maybe a little bit differently knowing that you have the length off the tee?
DUSTIN JOHNSON:テつ No.テつ I mean I still‑‑ I play the golf course.テつ Get to hit a lot of drivers, so it's nice, but you know, over the weekend I need to‑‑ you know, 13 and 15 I have not played very well through the first two rounds, so I think I need to do a little bit better on those two holes, but other than that, I'm playing good golf.

Q.テつ Great start to your week.テつ I know everyone is very happy that you made it back here to the Travelers championship.テつ Thank you so much.

Q.テつ Back‑to‑back 66.テつ Dustin, were they similar?
DUSTIN JOHNSON:テつ Yeah.テつ Just played solid over the last two days.テつ Made some putts.テつ You know, even the bogeys I made they were bad bogeys.テつ I shouldn't have made any bogeys.
But yeah, three‑putt bogey today from pretty close range, and then you know, didn't get up‑and‑down from just on the fringe on 12.テつ So kind of the same thing, made one bogey yesterday and that was on 18 and it was a bad bogey, too.テつ But I'm playing really good, playing solid, and I'm very pleased with the two rounds so far.

Q.テつ Any difference from playing in the afternoon yesterday and the morning today?
DUSTIN JOHNSON:テつ No, not much.テつ It was‑‑ you know, it was a little colder this morning so the ball wasn't really going, but it warmed up quickly and I thought it played pretty similar.

Q.テつ Dustin, we talk about good fields and bad fields on the PGA TOUR, but seeing guys like you and Kuch and Sneds and Bubba all on the leaderboard now, is that sort of an old, tired notion, I mean sort of every field is a good field?
DUSTIN JOHNSON:テつ Yeah.テつ I mean I don't think there is an event out here where the field is bad.テつ I mean all the guys on TOUR are very good and very capable of playing any week they play.

Q.テつ What do you think of Sergio's game this week?
DUSTIN JOHNSON:テつ Terrible.テつ Terrible.テつ (Laughs).

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