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June 20, 2014

K.J. Choi


Q.テつ Start for you today when you started out with a couple of birdies quickly and quickly get it to 4‑under.
K.J. CHOI:テつ I'm more enjoy last week, my two kids and some activities, fishing and a little golfing, but enjoy time.
I come up Tuesday morning.テつ It's really nice, and the golf course is very good and the cruise ship and more spectating fans here, there's some more sport to me.テつ The golf course design, I like it.
So all the time, after U.S. Open, it's a very difficult schedule before then, the last four years, and I'm changing mine.テつ And this course is good, and this area is fantastic, and the people very well.
So far Travelers so far best first class in the tournament.テつ I'm lovely enjoy here.テつ So two days and 5‑under par.テつ It's my goal 4‑under par, is two strokes is better than four.
Anyway, short iron and the putting, chipping is very well this week.テつ A little bit disappointed in a couple of tee shots on the right side.テつ It lost windy, so hit it, not too good.テつ A little bit, the rest of practice and driving and keep going straight, it's more better score.

Q.テつ I was impressed with your wedges today.
K.J. CHOI:テつ Inside 120 yards and 130 yards, okay, so always in five feet.テつ That's why scoring good.
Yesterday 15th hole, left side in the water, driver.テつ Looks like it went left to right.テつ So I'm a little bit clutch shot left in the water is straight in the water.テつ Today is pin left.テつ The same shot than yesterday.テつ Today just bottom, underneath, and the putting is three feet and a birdie.
So very good turning point in the 15th hole, and then after that mind clear.テつ So this week is more better.

Q.テつ How were you able to keep it going this morning?
K.J. CHOI:テつ We afternoon yesterday play is green is very smooth, and the golf course is in great conditions.テつ Best scoring in the afternoon.テつ Even morning is always and the green is softer and smooth, and the ball, you know, in the quiet.
But this morning, wind blowing with 8:30 start.テつ So we are very nervous in the pin because many waters.テつ Some miss shot in the water, there's no chance.テつ Many times imagination second shot, make it inside of 15, 10 foot is to make the putt, because I'm very enjoyable in two days.

Q.テつ Seems like since the players have been playing well.テつ How comfortable is your game right now?
K.J. CHOI:テつ This course is very important inside 150.テつ Sometimes 100 yards, par‑5, and doesn't matter in the par‑4.テつ I try 100 yards to make the tee shot, or sometimes 150 yards, because in some green it's a big stop this week.テつ Pin position is very difficult in hole left, five left.テつ Behind just the top of the hole, and some not control over the greens gives you bogey.テつ So very important trajectory irons and controls and imagination. テつVery, very important this week.

Q.テつ What do you do to keep it going this weekend?テつ Right now you're clearly in the mix on the top of the leaderboard.
K.J. CHOI:テつ My game is last three years, not much doesn't work with my back problem.テつ A little hard with the down swing, and followthrough cannot in the release.テつ Sometimes push it right and sometimes pull.
So now is five years ago my feeling coming, so swing, contact and followthrough and holding.テつ Always imagination, so far, so good.テつ So I'm more enjoying the two days and the weekend.テつ Still this game, this style is my game, patience is in the finish and very well.

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