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June 20, 2014

Romain Wattel


Q.テつ Your thoughts on 65 today, a lovely knock, isn't it?
ROMAIN WATTEL:テつ Exactly, 65 is always a good round and a good score.テつ I'm really happy with the way I played today.テつ I managed to put the ball in the fairway, especially one of the keys for this week, because the fairways are really tight.テつ So no, I really like this course and the way I played.

Q.テつ It obviously wasn't a bad day on the first day, but things improved, things just worked better for you today?
ROMAIN WATTEL:テつ Yeah, actually, yesterday I played really well but I made such a bad start.テつ I was 3‑over after three, so I made my best, actually, to come back, and I'm really happy to be in this position.

Q.テつ This position, means just two off the lead, which is terrific into the weekend, isn't it?
ROMAIN WATTEL:テつ Yeah, it could have been even better on the last, but that's the game and you never win it on the second day.テつ I'm not too far and I'm looking forward the next two days.

Q.テつ Do you feel nicely in control and competitive?
ROMAIN WATTEL:テつ Yeah, I played good these two rounds, so I feel comfortable with the course, with my game.

Q.テつ I'm sure you're aware that one of the bonuses this week, a very nice bonus, is qualification for The Open Championship.テつ Is that on your mind, as well?
ROMAIN WATTEL:テつ Of course.テつ Well, I don't think about it when I'm on the course but I've never played any major yet, so I would love to play the British Open.テつ Going to try to do my best and if I get a spot, that would be really nice.

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