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June 20, 2014

Robert Rock


Q.テつ 5‑under, and one of the highlights, the bunker shot?
ROBERT ROCK:テつ Yeah, it was a little unexpected.テつ I was probably not in the best frame of mind when I played that.テつ Pretty standard iron shot and managed to get the wind wrong and came up almost 20 yards short of the flag which is pretty poor for a 9‑iron.テつ One of those things, hitting that‑‑ two‑shot swing there.

Q.テつ 22 putts in your round today, I see you using a little bit of the AimPoint Express which Adam Scott popularised; tell us how you go through that process?
ROBERT ROCK:テつ 22 putts for me is normally the front nine.テつ It's been a lot of hard work over the last few months.テつ I putted okay at the start of the year but since then it's gradually worse.テつ I tried various things, but that AimPoint Express has been a reliable way to read the greens.
I've been doing the AimPoint for probably over a year in different phases, but worked hard on my stroke start of this week, found something new to try, and that coupled with a bit more confidence, worked okay.

Q.テつ You lost in a playoff, finished second last year; what is it about The Irish Open?
ROBERT ROCK:テつ Still not playing, but I think it's more the time of the year where like I say, I played well at the start of the year and I struggled a little bit when we go to Asia and confidence takes a bit of battering, and work hard‑‑ I was hoping to play well for U.S. Open Qualifying but didn't quite manage that and started to turn it around again.

Q.テつ What are your thoughts on a lovely round to move to the top of the board?
ROBERT ROCK:テつ It's nice to be in the tournament after two days.テつ It's been a spell and it feels better to be making some putts and moving under par.

Q.テつ There have been moments where it looked like the game was coming together, but I suppose it's putting together two, and four days.
ROBERT ROCK:テつ There's so much to it really.テつ You have to play well and hit the ball well.テつ You have to manage your game and the course, and then you've got to hole putts.
For the last probably two months, tee‑to‑green I've been pretty sharp.テつ Putting has been letting me down quite considerably, so that's a bit of work and that's in good order.テつ Short game still needs a bit more work but everything else is good.

Q.テつ Something about this time of the year, as well as the special nature of The Irish Open itself.
ROBERT ROCK:テつ Yes, I guess at the start of the year‑‑ I love the tournaments at the start of the year and I've played well there.
For the last few seasons, I've started my year okay, but as I start to travel a bit further afield, it's a different course with different greens.テつ I don't putt well‑‑ I still go but I don't play well and it kind of batters your confidence a little bit, and then you have to put in a lot of work to rebuild that and that takes time.テつ Seems to be around this time of year when it starts to come back together again.

Q.テつ Do you find you get good support and backing here after everything that happened with Shane Lowry?
ROBERT ROCK:テつ Yeah, I do actually, it's quite cool.テつ Not so much that particular day but I think maybe they feel a bit sorry for me that they gave me such a hard time and they are all quite nice now.

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