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June 20, 2014

Matthew NIxon


MATTHEW NIXON:テつ Got off to a bit of an interesting start and made a nice birdie on the first, and then hit it straight in the water on the next.テつ Made double there, and I thought, this could be a long round of golf.テつ Made some nice swings after that, and for once, my putts all went in.

Q.テつ And eagle, too, an exceptional story.
MATTHEW NIXON:テつ Yeah, my playing partner had just holed out previously, and it was a nice number and just hit a full sand wedge from 93 yards, pitched past and I thought, this should be all right, and then it went in.テつ I've never seen that happen.テつ It was quite nice.

Q.テつ Raises the spirits when you go down the next one.
MATTHEW NIXON:テつ When I first saw the golf course, I thought it was going to be really low scoring, but it played a lot tougher yesterday, and I was just trying to hit some nice golf shots.テつ Sort of see if I can just hole a few putts, and when a few go in, it's just nice and you can sort of shoot a low round of golf without really trying too hard.

Q.テつ Have you felt the same about the course and surprised that players struggled, but the rough is penal, isn't it?
MATTHEW NIXON:テつ Yeah, it sort of firmed up a little bit since I got here on Monday.テつ So it sort of made the fairways a lot narrower and you definitely don't want to miss it in the rough.テつ It's quite penal.テつ If I keep it in the fairways on the weekend, it would be ideal.

Q.テつ How do I phrase this‑‑ where do you believe?テつ We haven't spoken to you in a while.
MATTHEW NIXON:テつ I've been playing nicely and sort of working on a few things with my coaches.テつ You know, it's just one of them, just got to sort of stay patient and waiting for it to happen really.
So I have been getting frustrated and sort of wanting to play well, because you put in a lot of time.テつ But it's golf unfortunately, and you just have to stay patient and believe that it will come back.

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