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June 20, 2014

Shane Lowry


SHANE LOWRY:テつ Looks like it's going to be another missed the cut by one, which I think will be seven or eight this year already.テつ Yeah, I mean, pretty hard at the minute.テつ It's hard to just finish and come straightaway and talk to you guys.テつ It's golf.
As I say, I feel like I've been getting a lot of knocks from golf this year, and it's getting hard to take.

Q.テつ Is it good to know that the Wentworth performances are in there and the big ones?
SHANE LOWRY:テつ Yeah, I feel like my Thursday, Friday golf is just very tentative, I try not to make mistakes.テつ And I played lovely today.テつ Apart from that tee shot, the tee shot on 18 and the tee shot on 9, there wasn't much bad golf in there at all.
So yeah, I mean, hopefully has a chance of getting in, so hopefully I squeezed in.テつ I'm not feeling confident now that I will, but if it does‑‑ hopefully it does.

Q.テつ What sort of lie did you have on 8?
SHANE LOWRY:テつ Horrific.テつ Horrific, like couldn't even think about going for the green.テつ Very disappointing.テつ Got down there and see where my drive pitched off the tee, thought it was going to be perfect and thought I was going to be leading with 8‑iron and then you get that lie.

Q.テつ Even a yard off the fairway?
SHANE LOWRY:テつ I was that far from being in semi‑rough.テつ So two yards off the fairway.テつ As I said, I feel like that's what golf has been doing to me this year, all along, don't feel like I'm playing bad at all.テつ It's a tough one to take today.

Q.テつ How many balls did you find on 18, three or four?
SHANE LOWRY:テつ Quite a few.テつ People spent more time taking pictures of me looking for the ball, so it was quite hard to find.テつ Probably should have been able to find it.テつ There was a couple hundred people there.テつ But saying that, it was an awful tee shot.テつ But probably there's a lot more holes out there that you can get away with a tee shot like that.
I made a good six there, and you know, if I make it, it will be great, and if I don't, I'm going to be absolutely gutted.テつ But what can you do.

Q.テつ Do you have Germany next week?
SHANE LOWRY:テつ Yeah, I'll be going to Germany.

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