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June 20, 2014

Marco Crespi


Q.テつ What is your verdict on two good rounds of golf here?
MARCO CRESPI:テつ Played very solid, especially the short game was amazing.テつ The putting was working great these two days, and I hope it goes this way until the end.

Q.テつ Do you feel nicely in control of your game?
MARCO CRESPI:テつ Not yet with the long game but I'm improving a lot, and just keep going and stay focused and don't lose shots somewhere.

Q.テつ Are you a better, more confident player, now that you have a European Tour win?
MARCO CRESPI:テつ I think so, yeah.テつ I realise that if I can win, that I can stay inside and that I can win again.テつ So I'm more confident than before for sure.

Q.テつ I guess it gives that self‑belief that you know that all the hard work has the results?
MARCO CRESPI:テつ Yeah, a lot of work.テつ Hard work always pays.

Q.テつ On the back of winning, do you change your targets?テつ Do you have different aims?
MARCO CRESPI:テつ Yeah, of course, because you know, obviously when you tee off on the first event of the season, you think about to keep the card.テつ When you win, the card is already in your pocket.テつ So you can focus more.テつ Maybe now is on the Top 60 for The Race to Dubai.

Q.テつ And you can enjoy the weekend given your position on the leaderboard?
MARCO CRESPI:テつ I hope so.テつ I'm really enjoying it right now.

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