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June 20, 2014

Paul Casey


PAUL CASEY:テつ A little bit frustrating, certainly the way I finished today.テつ We've had a cracking time out there the first two days.テつ Crowds have been spectacular, as always, in Ireland.テつ Would have been nice to roll in a few more birdies and keep the bogeys off the card but I'm still happy.
Going to be in there for the weekend.テつ I've got to chase guys like G‑Mac and Robert Rock, and we'll see what guys like Mikko do this afternoon but I'm still happy with my performance.

Q.テつ Some very famous names have managed to win The Irish Open back‑to‑back.テつ What do you have to do in the weekend in terms of the overall game?
PAUL CASEY:テつ Just eliminate the mistakes.テつ I think I played really some very, very good stuff for the majority of the round.テつ You know it, the golf course can yield a lot of birdies if you're striking it well.テつ But if you get on the wrong side of it, it can be treacherous.
With the quality of field we've got, guys are not going to backup.テつ They are going to keep on rolling and making birdies.テつ So for me, it's about doing what I do, put the foot down and aim at a few more flags if I need to at the weekend and keep being aggressive.

Q.テつ 5‑under par going along beautifully, three bogeys in a row to finish; do you feel like screaming?
PAUL CASEY:テつ I'm too tired to scream still.テつ Just one of those days, isn't it.
I was going along, as you say, very nicely.テつ It was the wrong club on the par3, 7th.テつ But the others were just awkward.テつ You know, 8 was playing awkward.テつ The wind was swirling around and got stuck in that rough on 9.テつ Didn't hit a good chip shot.テつ It is what it is.テつ I've still got a chance, and go out a little bit earlier than the leaders tomorrow and we'll try to post a number and give them something to catch.

Q.テつ You're hitting some enormous tee shots.テつ You've told us before when Paul is fully fit, Paul is dangerous; is Paul fully fit right now?
PAUL CASEY:テつ Pretty good.テつ I've been hitting it nicely for a while now and the length is just back.テつ People have forgotten I used to be able to hit it pretty long.テつ So the length is there.テつ I think it was over 320 down the fifth hole today, or fourth hole, whichever the first par 5 is.テつ Going in with a 4‑iron is always nice on holes like that.
It's enjoyable; plus, the warm weather doesn't hurt for sure.テつ But I'm fully fit.テつ If I can just eliminate mistakes, I think I have a really good round in me.テつ I'm going to have to post a really good round somewhere this week.テつ Four rounds of 69 won't do it.テつ You'll have to three a low 60s there.

Q.テつ Playing on invitations in America, fully exempt on this tour.テつ Where do you plan to play the rest of the season?
PAUL CASEY:テつ There's lots of goals.テつ One of the goals is to get the U.S. Tour card back, and I'm pretty much wrapped that up according to some of the figures I've got.
So I will still pursue that in the States, but I've got to pursue and make sure I play my number in Europe, as well.テつ So for me it's about‑‑ the focus going forward is The Open Championship.テつ After that will be the US PGA, and then whatever I have to do after that I'll have to do, but I'm not thinking too far ahead.

Q.テつ Plenty of positives.
PAUL CASEY:テつ Yeah‑‑ I didn't realise it's a question‑‑

Q.テつ It's not really a question, it's a statement.
PAUL CASEY:テつ It is a statement, yeah.

Q.テつ Presumably there are plenty of positives.
PAUL CASEY:テつ It's not raining.テつ Frustrating the way I finished for sure.テつ Three bogeys was a little bit messy.テつ But there was a lot of good stuff out there as well.テつ I struck the ball beautifully and gave myself opportunities.テつ Had it going for a while.テつ It is what it is.テつ It means I get an early tee time tomorrow and hopefully I can post a number for these leaders to chase.

Q.テつ On the eve of this championship, you said there's some affection for this golf course?
PAUL CASEY:テつ Yeah, I do like the golf course.テつ I've loved the crowds the last two days.テつ They have been phenomenal, as they always are in Ireland.テつ You can never fault the support from the Irish crowds.
Just on that point, I hope we find a really good sponsor for this event.テつ We've got the Irish tourist board this week helping us, they are our main sponsor, but we need somebody to step in.テつ You look at it, it's phenomenal.テつ We have always had great crowds in Ireland and once again this week, they have proved their worth.

Q.テつ You've got a nice realistic chance at the weekend, haven't you.
PAUL CASEY:テつ I do.テつ G‑Mac is leading in the clubhouse right now.テつ I think Robert Rock is up there, as well.テつ I'm sure somebody will throw in‑‑ Mikko has not teed off, or he's about to.テつ I'm sure he'll post something that's really sporty.テつ I don't see him backing up, that's for sure.テつ But it's a long week ahead, and you know, even if he gets to double digits, it's going to be tough to keep on rolling and making that many birdies.テつ So I'm happy where I sit.

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