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June 19, 2014

Kevin Cron

Jim Schlossnagle

Boomer White


Ole Miss テや 6
TCU テや 4

THE MODERATOR:テつ Representing TCU, head coach Jim Schlossnagle, first baseman Kevin Cron, and outfielder Boomer White.テつ Coach, if you'd begin with an opening statement.
COACH SCHLOSSNAGLE:テつ Sure, obviously, it's a disappointing end to our season and end to this tournament.テつ I want to congratulate Ole Miss.テつ They have a great club, and I felt like the two veteran guys in the middle of their order, Allen and Orvis did a heck of a job.テつ Five RBI.テつ Probably four of those with two outs, I think.
So just as any great tournament comes down to, it always comes down to the two‑out hitting and who gets the big hit.テつ We set the table a couple times and Derek smoked a ball that would have been ran down, and we had other opportunities.テつ Just wasn't meant to be.テつ Really proud of our team considering if we were 15‑12, and 2‑4 at one point to finish with 48 wins and play in the College World Series, I'm really, really proud of them.テつ It's really an honor to be wearing a TCU uniform today.

Q.テつ How good did that feel?テつ I know you wanted the win, and that's all you care about.テつ But did it feel good to finally unload one?
KEVIN CRON:テつ Yeah, like you said, doesn't quite feel the same now that we didn't get the win, but at the time, it was a big part of the game just to get that run back.テつ But it's somewhat bittersweet obviously.

Q.テつ Jim, Tyler Alexander had been so good this year.テつ What did you see from him tonight that maybe he wasn't quite as crisp?
COACH SCHLOSSNAGLE:テつ Well, he relies on command.テつ Even when he was getting some outs early, he was missing the spots.テつ So you just can't do that.テつ You know, especially with Allen and Orvis, those guys are veteran hitters, and you have to be able to execute pitches to get them out.テつ That's why Tyler had such a great season.テつ That's why he's a freshman All American and going to continue to be a great pitcher.
But like anybody else, when you leave the ball in the middle of the plate or leave it in the area which we can't pitch to those guys, they're going to make you pay for it, and that's what a good hitter does.

Q.テつ Coach, obviously the conditions a lot different today with the wind, a lot more offense.テつ I'm curious if you enjoyed coaching this game and some of the strategy that was involved?テつ It seemed like it was a pretty good chess match going.
COACH SCHLOSSNAGLE:テつ I thought today was a really, clean college baseball game.テつ There were some walks and hit batters.テつ But I felt like when the ball got hit hard, it went out of the ballpark.テつ When it didn't quite get hit hard enough, it stayed in the ballpark.テつ And that's the way it's supposed to be.テつ There aren't going to be any‑‑ there weren't going to be any cheap homers today.テつ But when a guy smoked one, you know, and when Will Allen smoked his ball in the gap, it didn't hang up for somebody to catch it.テつ He deserved a double, and Kevin deserved a homer, and that's what college baseball should be.

Q.テつ Boomer, you've been batting third almost all season, and you got moved down to sixth.テつ Did that help take some pressure off of you?テつ You had a couple hits tonight.
BOOMER WHITE:テつ Yeah, obviously I hadn't been myself the last week or two, and, yeah, it changed things up.テつ It's nice to maybe see some different pitches.テつ I got a couple good opportunities, pitched in Wheelhouse, got the barrel on the ball.テつ But, yeah, the change was needed and I didn't have a problem with it.テつ It probably helped me out today.
COACH SCHLOSSNAGLE:テつ I'd like to address that.テつ The whole point of putting him down there was exactly that.テつ Just give him a chance to see some pitches.テつ He's still as good a hitter as we've had in our program, and he handled it like a man.

Q.テつ You mentioned getting off to the rough start early in the season.テつ What was the turning point?テつ What was kind of the switch pulled up moment of the season or was there one?
COACH SCHLOSSNAGLE:テつ Well, I mean, I think like on the field just physical things it was getting Garrett Crain and Jerrick Suiter back from injury.テつ Garrett gave us an offensive presence from both sides of the plate, and he played a really good second base and solidified us in the middle of the field.テつ And Jerrick, we needed another run producer.テつ Didn't hit any homers, but he had a lot of doubles this year.テつ He's one of the marquise players in our program along with these two guys, getting him back was huge.
But I think our guys just, as I've said before, they bought into the kind of club we needed to be offensively, and they took pride in doing those things and moving runners and executing on offense.テつ Then you ride really good pitching and get on a roll and get some confidence.

Q.テつ Their bullpen came in there and kind of stopped your momentum a little bit.テつ What did you see out of those guys?テつ Laxer, Short and Greenwood, what were they doing to keep you guys at bay?
BOOMER WHITE:テつ I know the second guy came in and was a little wild, gave us an opportunity to get our pitch on our pitch because he wasn't commanding both sides of the plate.テつ But when they brought their lefty in and their closer, whoever that was, did a great job of pitching down in the zone, throwing pitches or multiple pitches for strikes.テつ It was tough for us to really barrel up balls.テつ We only had five hits, six hits, so they did a good job with that.テつ They gave us opportunities putting runners on, and like Coach said earlier, couldn't capitalize when we needed to.
THE MODERATOR:テつ On behalf of the NCAA, I would like to thank TCU for a wonderful season.

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