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June 19, 2014

Ryan Moore


Q.テつ Ryan, you had 26 putts today on a course that just appears that you love to play this place?
RYAN MOORE:テつ I do.テつ It's one of those that I love to look forward to coming to every year.テつ I seem to putt well on it.テつ Reminds me a lot of where I grew up.テつ I grew up in the Pacific Northwest, so there must be something to it.テつ I got it rolling today.テつ I worked a lot on my putting early, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and it's nice to see it actually pays off.

Q.テつ One of the highlights of the day on 6, that hole out on 70 feet away.テつ Take us through it.
RYAN MOORE:テつ It was one of those ones where I was trying to chase it up close to the green.テつ I got fortunate to end up in the first cut.テつ I had a great lie, and it wasn't the best of angles, but had such a nice lie I could kind of waft it up there.テつ It came out perfect.テつ Landed perfectly online, and when it does that, you're thinking please just bounce straight.テつ Don't get sideways somehow, and it did landed right in the middle and dropped in there, so it was a great bonus.

Q.テつ How big is that positive energy that you've accumulated while playing this tournament, four top 10s and tied for seventh last year?
RYAN MOORE:テつ You know, it's weird.テつ You just show up somewhere, and you're comfortable and you've shot good scores in the past, so you just know you can.テつ There is a certain level of comfort there.

Q.テつ Way to start, Ryan.
RYAN MOORE:テつ Thank you.

Q.テつ Ryan, take us through the 9th hole.テつ You've got a birdie to get yourself into second place, 7‑under.
RYAN MOORE:テつ Yeah, it was great to finish that way.テつ I made a little bit of a sloppy bogey there on 7, after making the eagle there on 6.テつ So it was nice to bounce back with a good drive, a good wedge, and then a great putt there on 9.

Q.テつ With the conditions the way they were today, were you happy with your score at all?
RYAN MOORE:テつ I absolutely was.テつ Anytime you can shoot 7‑under, I'm never too disappointed.テつ But, overall, it was a good, solid day.テつ I got it rolling a little bit early.テつ Made three birdies in a row on my first nine out there on the back.テつ Just got some good, positive momentum, and from there really just kept making putts.テつ That's been a little bit of a struggle for me lately.テつ I haven't been making a lot of putts, so just to see them start going in and to get some positive momentum with the putter, it just carried through all day.

Q.テつ What do you like about this course?
RYAN MOORE:テつ You know, it's hard to say sometimes why a course fits your eye or doesn't.テつ But I feel like from the git‑go, it's kind of reminded me how I'm from the Pacific Northwest, the Seattle area.テつ So this area kind of reminds me that the grasses are similar, the greens are similar.テつ Anytime you get on stuff that kind of reminds you of what you grew up on, there is always a certain level of comfort there.

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