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June 19, 2014

Ryan Moore


MARK STEVENS:テつ 7‑under to get within a shot of the lead going into tomorrow.テつ If you want to talk about your highlights of your round, and then we'll take some questions.
RYAN MOORE:テつ Early on I got into a nice momentum making three birdies in a row on the back nine there starting with the par‑5.テつ I think that's 13.テつ Yeah, so birdied 13, 14, 15 in a row, and then another one there on 17.テつ So just coming out, I got it rolling there, and made a great par saver on 18 from about 12 feet above the hole, which kind of kept it rolling, and turned down the back side and hit a bunch of good, solid putts.テつ You know, I mean, that is the difference just I made putts there that I haven't been making lately.テつ All the putts I should have made, I made, and rolled in a couple extra ones.

Q.テつ You always seem to play well here.テつ What is it about this track that you enjoy?
RYAN MOORE:テつ There are probably a few factors.テつ Being that it's the week after the U.S. Open I think helps.テつ Golf just seems so much easier when you're not playing on a U.S. Open golf course.テつ So I think to some extent it allows me to relax a little bit and kind of go play golf again.テつ Where you're standing over every shot of the U.S. Open trying to not make double.
So I think that's part of it.テつ Besides that, I'm from the Pacific Northwest, and the grass and the greens are very similar to this, so it kind of always has a little feel of what I grew up on, which I think that just adds a certain amount of comfort.テつ Besides that, I think overall the course fits my eye really well.テつ The tee shots and second shots into the greens, I'm very comfortable with them.

Q.テつ As the afternoon goes on, did it get harder?
RYAN MOORE:テつ No, they stayed pretty receptive.テつ They're always reasonably receptive here.テつ This place doesn't ever get too hard and bouncy, but, yeah, obviously had a little bit of rain this morning.テつ Kept them pretty soft and receptive all day.テつ You have 5 and 6‑irons in your hand and you knew you could be aggressive and be finding it around the pin.

Q.テつ How do you look at your year so far, Ryan?テつ A lot of good results, maybe not so many title contentions.テつ Are you happy or frustrated a little bit?
RYAN MOORE:テつ I've been a little frustrated, to be honest, the last two months.テつ I feel like I've just kind of been all over the place.テつ I've had some great rounds in there that kind of move up on the weekend a couple times, and I've missed a couple cuts in there.テつ You know, it's just been a little bit up‑and‑down.テつ The ball striking hasn't been amazing, but it's not what's been hurting me.テつ It's been my putting that's been really just not making putts.テつ I'm hitting a lot of good putts and just burning edges.テつ It's amazing how that half inch or two can just make that and make such a difference.テつ You know, hitting some putts that just catch the edge and drop in rather than lipping out.テつ All of a sudden you get some momentum and get some positives going and able to shoot a better round.

Q.テつ When you're frustrated, how much pressure do you put on yourself to sort of step on the gas pedal when you are playing well?
RYAN MOORE:テつ I'm funny how I go about things.テつ Almost the more frustrated I get, sometimes I realize I just need to back off a little bit and just kind of relax and go play.テつ I was actually a little frustrated during the Pro‑Am yesterday.テつ I was a little out of sorts and didn't feel that great.テつ I got down at about 1:30 or so, and I was done for the day.テつ I'm not doing anything else.テつ I know I'm frustrated right now, so going and practicing and doing more stuff, I'm not going to get less frustrated really.テつ So I'm going to go relax, enjoy my afternoon, play with my boy, show up the next day and know I can go shoot a good score on this golf course.テつ I was relaxed and comfortable, and just went out and played golf today instead of overdoing it and overthinking it, which I feel like I've maybe done a little bit lately.テつ I've been practicing too much for myself instead of just relaxing and knowing I can just go play golf and shoot a score.テつ That's what happened today.

Q.テつ (Indiscernible)?
RYAN MOORE:テつ No, he was great.テつ I've actually been fortunate enough to play with him a couple times here.テつ He's a lot of fun every single time.テつ He'll just chat you up all the way around.テつ Obviously telling great stories, and I always learn something from him every time I've played with him.

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