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June 19, 2014

Jeff Maggert


Q.テつ Jeff, well done out there,テつ bogey‑free 6‑under par, 64.テつ Always good to do that?
JEFF MAGGERT:テつ Bogey‑free is a good day.テつ I had a good start and played good all the way through the middle.テつ Just had a good, solid round.

Q.テつ You've had events out here on the PGA TOUR, Of course won on the Champions Tour.テつ How have you been able to manage that?
JEFF MAGGERT:テつ I tell you, the schedule has been a lot busier than I thought it would be this year.テつ I played a lot of tournaments.テつ So I wanted to come here to Hartford.テつ It's one of my favorite courses.テつ It really suits my game well, and I've been playing pretty well the last few months.テつ So figured I'd come out here and see if I could beat up on these young kids.

Q.テつ That's a good thing to do because they beat up on us an awful lot.テつ As you played this golf course, this course should suit you well, doesn't it?
JEFF MAGGERT:テつ Yeah, it's good.テつ Some of the courses we play are getting pretty long and it's a power hitter's game.テつ This is really an old‑style course, ball striking, lot of good iron shots and a few putts and you can shoot some low numbers.

Q.テつ I'm trying to think of the last time we had a double winner on the Champions Tour and regular TOUR.テつ I think there is one, but I'm not sure.テつ But good luck this week.
JEFF MAGGERT:テつ Yeah, I think there have been a few over the years.テつ But it would be nice to maybe make it happen again.

Q.テつ Pretty stress‑free day it seemed like.テつ Bogey‑free opening round, how was it out there?
JEFF MAGGERT:テつ No such thing as stress‑free in this game.テつ I had a good start this morning and just played solid all day.テつ Made a few birdies, no mistakes.テつ Got the ball up‑and‑down when I got myself in trouble and just played a good, solid round.

Q.テつ You missed a couple cuts coming into this week.テつ What is the turning point of your game?
JEFF MAGGERT:テつ Well, U.S. Open last week was a tough week for me.テつ I actually played pretty well with the exception of two or three holes really.テつ But I've been playing pretty good over the last couple months.テつ Felt like if I could come in here and make a few putts, I could choose some good numbers.

Q.テつ You've seen Peter Jacobsen here, Ken Duke last year, why do you think this is conducive to the older generation?
JEFF MAGGERT:テつ Well, I hope it works out that way again.テつ But it's kind of an old‑style course.テつ We play a lot of courses where these young kids hit it so far they have a really good advantage over us older guys.テつ But this week it's like I said, it's ball striking, keeping the ball on the fairway, hit it close to the pin and make some putts.

Q.テつ Be honest, how much did the mini golf help your putting stroke on the greens?
JEFF MAGGERT:テつ I putted good so maybe it helped.

Q.テつ Here with Jeff Maggert.テつ We joked that you're in the clubhouse at 6‑under par.テつ But earlier in the week we had a little celebrity mini golf tournament you helped out with.テつ How much did that help your putting stroke in round one?
JEFF MAGGERT:テつ I don't know if the mini golf course helped, but it was fun to help out with the tournament this week.テつ Travelers has been a great sponsor and to help out with some of their charity causes has been fun.テつ Just enjoying the week here, and today was definitely a good day with the putter and hopefully I can keep it going the rest of the weekend.

Q.テつ This is a course that really suits your eye.テつ You like coming back here.テつ What is it about this course that you feel you're able to be effective here?
JEFF MAGGERT:テつ The main thing is I don't feel like I have to drive the ball 300 yards like some of these golf courses we play.テつ The rough is up, so hitting it on the fairway is a premium, and hitting good iron shots and making putts are important.

Q.テつ Is it fair to say this course does not really fit anyone's game?テつ Like you said, a Bubba Watson can win here just like a Ken Duke can win here.テつ It's up to anyone; it's just making the shots.
JEFF MAGGERT:テつ I think so.テつ I think it's an iron course.テつ Getting the ball on the fairway is important, but just making good iron shots all day.テつ Had some pretty tough pins around here, and greens can get firm and fast at times, so you just have to play smart, use your head and try to shoot a low score.

Q.テつ What went well?
JEFF MAGGERT:テつ It was just a good, solid day.テつ Got off to a good start and birdied the first two holes early and just played solid.テつ A few not so good golf shots today, but I came back and made some good saves for par, so that was probably the key to keeping my round going.テつ I'm just kind of right on the edge of really playing some good golf, so hopefully the next three days I can kind of tighten it up a little bit and keep it going.

Q.テつ Think anything on this course has changed at all?
JEFF MAGGERT:テつ Gosh, I don't know.テつ I think my first tournament here would have been in the early 90's, so not a lot of change.テつ They've made a few tweaks here and there, but the golf course still plays the same as it did 25 years ago, which is kind of fun.テつ This is an old‑style golf course.テつ You know, you've just got to hit the ball well and try to make a few putts.

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