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June 19, 2014

Heath Slocum


Q.テつ Keith Slocum in the clubhouse at 4‑under par.テつ That's a great round one, and one of our live out holes is the 16th, so we'll start off with your birdie there.テつ If you could kind of talk me through it and what we expect to see the entire day there.
HEATH SLOCUM:テつ You know, that hole, it's a great pin, it's a great Thursday pin, and the rain had just stopped, so we had that back pin, and I was right in between, I would say in between clubs, but I was like, I'm going to take the aggressive 7, center of the green, see if I can't get a three and that was just one where I made a long one.
So it was nice.テつ I mean I don't even know how long, 30 some feet, trying to play it straight, you never make those.テつ But it felt good.
Today was a good day.テつ I played solid.テつ It was nice to kind of see some putts drop and keep some momentum going.

Q.テつ Let's talk about the course conditions a little bit.テつ This is always a very gettable course.テつ You see the winning number on Sunday is always 18, 19, 20 under par.テつ The rain obviously softened up the course a little bit, so what was the morning wave, do you think you had the advantage here?
HEATH SLOCUM:テつ I'm not real sure.テつ I mean right now, if there's no wind and these guys in the afternoon, I don't think it's going to get much firmer, I think you can still be really aggressive.テつ And if anything maybe the ball starts to run a little bit.
I wouldn't be surprised‑‑ I saw, you know, Brendan getting to a good start, but I wouldn't be surprised this afternoon that absolutely someone else takes it pretty deep.

Q.テつ Great start to the week.テつ Thank you so much for joining us.
HEATH SLOCUM:テつ Thank you.

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