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June 19, 2014

Marcel Siem


MARCEL SIEM:テつ I played pretty solid on the front nine.テつ I couldn't hole a putt.テつ I got a bit upset because I played like last week, very steady, and I hit driver on 9, that was I think the only, mistake I made, and should have been a 3‑wood because trees come into play and made bogey there, 1‑over and felt like I should have been 2‑ or 3‑under.テつ Miss‑read a few putts unfortunately.テつ I said, let's shoot 5‑under on the back nine; shot 6‑under, so happy.

Q.テつ Describe your second shot to 14 out of the rough.
MARCEL SIEM:テつ That was a great number.テつ It's 110 club and I was down off the left, flag off the right and I knew with a good one it's going to pitch flag high.テつ I said, come on, be right, and it hit the flag.テつ I guess I didn't hole that many putts but that was my first stiff one today and was pretty happy about that.

Q.テつ Seventh at the BMW PGA, you follow‑up with a 12th at the U.S. Open, your best in a major.テつ Has something clicked in the game?
MARCEL SIEM:テつ I said it a few times, I was injured, I didn't hit a golf ball for six weeks after the World Cup and came without practice Abu Dhabi.テつ I was looking for my confidence to finish between 40th and 50th all the time.テつ Did a few things with Gテδシnter and working on my technique all the time.
I just needed a good round and a good tournament, and I think Wentworth was the one.テつ My putting is a lot better than the other years, as well, and my whole game is steady.テつ Good ones are coming now, my home tournament, French that I won.テつ Haven't qualified for The Open yet, so I need to crank it up and I need a good finish the next three weeks, and who knows what happens then.

Q.テつ BMW International in your home country next week; your wife is pregnant and due any day.
MARCEL SIEM:テつ Yes, she is.テつ I feel sorry for her because she can't be with me at the moment.テつ You know, in the summertime, being pregnant is not that nice I reckon.テつ On Monday, we're going to get the baby, we know that, and I'm really looking forward to that.テつ Going to be a special week for me, home tournament, the second baby.テつ Got the shivers already, it's really cool.

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