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June 19, 2014

Gavin Moynihan


Q.テつ Thoughts on shooting a 69 to start?
GAVIN MOYNIHAN:テつ Very pleased the way I hit the ball, the way I'm hitting it the last few weeks.テつ My 10th hole, the first, just made birdie on 18, my ninth, and worst I've hit in a long time, straight right.
So really pleased to come back with three birdies in the next five.テつ I really played well.テつ Only 2‑under par, disappointed but yeah, really nice shots on the par3, third, to about ten feet and made it.テつ Then just short on the par5 in two, chipped and putted and hit a great birdie on the sixth.
I like the course, suits my eye.テつ Drove it very well, which is the key.テつ The rough is so lush it's unbelievable.テつ I couldn't get one or two today, just had to hack it up short of the green.テつ Pretty happy.

Q.テつ Sounds like a course you feel comfortable on.テつ Do you feel comfortable in the environment, as well, a National Open like this?
GAVIN MOYNIHAN:テつ Yeah, I played last year.テつ To be honest, I was fine last year, no pressure.テつ A few holes there‑‑ last few holes, was just a bit nervous.テつ Not fazed, after the Walker Cup, did very well there.テつ So nothing new to me.

Q.テつ Do you step into this event with different expectations compared to other weeks?
GAVIN MOYNIHAN:テつ Not really, because I'm lucky to be here to be honest.テつ Just have to enjoy it.テつ Just enjoy the week and enjoy the crowds, weather is great, no pressure, just enjoy it.

Q.テつ First pressure is to make the weekend?
GAVIN MOYNIHAN:テつ That's the goal.テつ This year, a big goal of mine was to get in and make the cut.テつ Shoot a decent round tomorrow, hopefully should be.テつ Some of the pins are tough, but really happy with 2‑under to start.

Q.テつ Much support coming out tomorrow?
GAVIN MOYNIHAN:テつ I think there are 15 or 18 of them down on the train tomorrow, so will have a bit of support in the afternoon.

Q.テつ Top Irishman at this point with Pテδ。draig Harrington.
GAVIN MOYNIHAN:テつ I beat a few of them last year, as well, so nice to say that.テつ I'm just happy the way I'm hitting it, driving it really well.テつ I have a new putter in the bag this week, and that's what's held me back.テつ I've been shooting 71s and 72s when I should be shooting 68s and 69s.テつ Held a few key putts for par, so kind of worked out nice today.

Q.テつ What is the putter?
GAVIN MOYNIHAN:テつ New Odyssey putter.テつ It's a counter‑balanced weight, the weight is on top of the grip, really heavy head.テつ My putting, I've been missing it left.テつ Even when I won the Scottish am, I putted terrible, I was hitting to two feet all day, last few rounds.テつ That's what's held me back all year to be honest.テつ I'm hitting it good enough to shoot under par, so just keep it going.テつ 2‑under probably would have been the worst today even with the double‑bogey.

Q.テつ Do you feel like you have a low one in you?
GAVIN MOYNIHAN:テつ Yeah, if my driving keeps up, because I'm hitting a good distance.テつ I was playing with Thomas Pieters and I was surprised how far he hit it at the start.テつ He was about 20 yards past all day.テつ Kind of amazing to think 20, 30 yards.テつ But if my driving keeps solid, I'll be there.

Q.テつ What were the highlights?
GAVIN MOYNIHAN:テつ Hit a lovely shot into 18, about 80‑yard shot to about four feet.テつ Don't mind the first hole; out‑of‑bounds.テつ Par 3, I hit a 7‑iron to about 12 feet left of it and then hit it just short on the par5 four and chipped and putted for birdie.テつ Birdied the sixth.テつ Hit a gap wedge to five feet beyond and held a 20‑footer for par on the eighth.

Q.テつ What did you say to Matthew coming past the putting green?
GAVIN MOYNIHAN:テつ I've known him for years, GB&I Teams.テつ Have not seen him in a while.テつ He's doing well.テつ Don't know, what did he shoot today?テつ Good to see him here and turning pro.テつ You win the U.S. Am, you deserve everything.テつ Happy to see a few of the boys here this week.

Q.テつ Planning on following him into the professional ranks?
GAVIN MOYNIHAN:テつ Maybe if I win something but it will definitely be another year or two.テつ That's what I think at the moment anyway.

Q.テつ Was it a hard call for you deciding between Portrush this week or here?
GAVIN MOYNIHAN:テつ The Amateur is there the rest of your life.テつ I might never get this again.テつ Easy call for me.

Q.テつ And the experience from last year helped?
GAVIN MOYNIHAN:テつ All the different experience I've had like the Walker Cup and Junior Ryder Cup, so this is like that, big crowds, so no difference at all.テつ Just the tees here and fewer friends‑‑ the crowds, easy enough to play.

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