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June 19, 2014

Robert Karlsson


Q.テつ What are your thoughts on a round as prolific as that today?
ROBERT KARLSSON:テつ It was nice.テつ Very, very happy.テつ Worked quite hard when I've been at home since the Nordea Masters, so it's been nice to keep it going.

Q.テつ Absolutely, because that was a tidy finish at the Nordea event and looks like there was no rest in between.テつ
ROBERT KARLSSON:テつ Well, there was.テつ The rest is very important, I can tell you, but I've done a bit of work with my coach and things are coming together quite nicely.テつ The long game was very, very good today.

Q.テつ On a course that you like?
ROBERT KARLSSON:テつ Yeah, I think it was here in 2002 and 2001, I did well at least once, so it's good.

Q.テつ Does that familiarity help?テつ I know it's over a 12‑year gap.
ROBERT KARLSSON:テつ Every time you come back to a course which you like and have done well, it's always a positive.テつ I like the atmosphere, kind of reminds me of when you leave with a good taste in your mouth.

Q.テつ I know it's only the first day, but I presume you're aware of Mikko shooting 7‑under, so nice to knock on the door?
ROBERT KARLSSON:テつ Yeah, it is.テつ I played the Pro‑Am yesterday and played fairly good, so you could see there's plenty of birdies out there, as long as the weather is cooperating.テつ Important to just keep it going.テつ First round doesn't count so much, but better that be 5‑under than 5‑over.

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