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June 19, 2014

Ross Fisher


Q.テつテつ Four birdies and one bogey for 3‑under par, any particular aspect of your game that was good today?
ROSS FISHER:テつ I'd say probably my bounce‑back ability.テつ My only bogey, I managed to pick one straight up on the following hole, the par3, hit it just through the back and one of those chips shots that you kind of fancy and got it on line, on track and it went in.テつ It was a nice way to bounce back.
Yeah, I didn't feel like I played as solid as I did yesterday in the Pro‑Am.テつ I felt like I drove the ball really well yesterday, and there was good spells, but I hit a few loose ones.
But fortunately for me when I did hit a loose one, although I was in the trees, I was managing to get it back into play.テつ I holed a couple of good saving putts, one on 18 to avoid making six there, which you never want to do on a par 5 and one on 8 for par.
But yeah, overall, to go out and shoot 3‑under, pretty pleased with that.

Q.テつ As a past champion of The Irish Open, but a different venue, is there still a feel‑good factor when you come back to this championship?
ROSS FISHER:テつ Oh, absolutely.テつ I love coming back to places I've done well, and for me, being from England, playing in the U.K. and Ireland, I just really enjoy it.テつ The crowds are so enthusiastic.テつ They are very appreciative of golf, and none more so here in Ireland.
The crowds were pretty big for us today, obviously playing with Clarke, Open Champion a couple of years back and playing behind Pテδ。draig and Rory.テつ The support was fantastic, and you know, hopefully the weather can hold off and we'll see many more people over the next three days.

Q.テつ I take it that's a decent start to the championship.
ROSS FISHER:テつ Yeah, a 68 for sure, yeah.テつ As I've just said, I didn't play quite as solid as I did in the Pro‑Am.テつ I felt like I played really solid in the Pro‑Am and shot 3‑under.テつ Felt like the course really fits my eye.テつ I really liked it yesterday and I had a good fun day with my partners, so was looking forward to the early start and getting out there.
The course is in great condition and it would have been nice to have gone a few better.テつ I gave myself quite a few chances but I'll take 3‑under par for sure.
It's a good start.テつ You can't win the tournament on Thursday but you can certainly shoot yourself in the foot on Thursday.
So I was playing pretty solid, got it to a couple under pretty early, and just hit a few loose tee shots at the wrong time.テつ 18, was scrambling for a par there and managed to hole a good 8‑footer for par that kept the round going.
I had chances on the front nine and just couldn't really make anything and then unfortunately 3‑putted, which, you know, you never like to do.テつ But you know, I was very pleased the way I bounced back, birdieing the next hole, chipped in from the back of the green on the par3, seventh.テつ It was a nice way to come back and hole a good save on 8, parring 9.テつ To walk off, 3‑under, second time I've seen the course, pretty pleased.

Q.テつ Do you feel you can still puff your chest out a bit as an Irish Open Champion?
ROSS FISHER:テつ I don't know if I'd say I'd puff my chest out.テつ That's not me really.テつ I'll leave to that other players.
I always enjoy coming back and having won the tournament before, it brings back good memories, obviously different place, but really enjoy being here.テつ My wife and some friends here, so yeah, a great time.テつ Nice to have some family out here.

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