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June 19, 2014

Inbee Park


Q. Assess the round today, if you could.
INBEE PARK: Just a combination of everything. Just everything seems like just -- I think earlier on in the round, just a couple of really important par putts just missed the hole. And some lip outs and it just was not a nice day. But on this golf course you make a couple of mistakes, you can easily shoot a high number. Definitely don't want to do that tomorrow.

Q. At 3 you had a couple of bad breaks.
INBEE PARK: Yeah, at No. 3, the second shot I had, that was a really bad lie. I had everything through my swing. And I thought I hit a decent shot and then it just went over the green. And then like I was like in one of the foot marks and just didn't really have a shot from there. Can't hit it long, can't hit it short. So, yeah, it was just -- it's so easy to make double bogeys here. It's playing really tough today.

Q. Hear people saying oftentimes that you can't win a tournament in a day, but you can certainly shoot yourself out of a tournament today. You have another round tomorrow.
INBEE PARK: Yeah, I definitely need some lower numbers to put myself back into position. But I think my plan has definitely changed. My plan will be making less bogeys tomorrow and trying to just stay out of the trouble. Not so much about the trophy now anymore, just trying to keep it into play.

Q. Can you be aggressive on this course?
INBEE PARK: I mean, it doesn't really make a difference. Even if you be aggressive, there is probably, you know, 70 percent of the time you're going to get into trouble. You still don't want to bring too much trouble into play, just trying to hit the middle of the green and try to two-putt from there. It's still just tough to hit it to the middle of the green. But it's trying to hit it to the middle of the green.

Q. Do you feel right now -- are you very disappointed? Where are you now?
INBEE PARK: Yeah, I don't think I'm really like -- I think it's probably beyond disappointment. Like today just -- it was so quick and I just don't know what happened. I was just really shocked how the golf course was playing and how -- I didn't feel like I played horrible, but the score is bad. So it's so easy to make a lot of big numbers here.

Q. What did you see in Stacy's game today? She obviously played the course 3-under. What did you see that you might be able to take from her or what were you impressed with?
INBEE PARK: Well, she didn't make much mistakes today, from tee to the green. And obviously I think she was really good at making clutch par putts today. So I think that was really strong part of her game today.

Q. Is there anything you saw that you can take into your game and try to attack the course the way she might have?
INBEE PARK: If I can hit it like her today and straight like her today and putt like her, that would be great (laughter).

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