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June 18, 2014

Johanna Konta


C. GIORGI/J. Konta
1‑6, 7‑5, 7‑5

THE MODERATOR:テつ Questions, please.

Q.テつ So close.テつ Must be tough to lose a match like that.
JOHANNA KONTA:テつ Yeah, obviously.テつ Any match is tough to lose, I guess.テつ You go out there to win every time.
Yeah, no, it was a tough one.テつ She's a very good player.テつ She hits very hard, very fast.テつ Obviously on these grass courts, she's a very tough opponent.
I gave it my best, and she came out on top.

Q.テつ You had the momentum.テつ What turned it around after the first set?
JOHANNA KONTA:テつ I guess she obviously started playing a little bit better.テつ There wasn't really much in it even in the first set.テつ Although the scoreline was 6‑1, it was still very close games.テつ So I wouldn't let that fool you, really.
It was a tough match throughout, and it is just quite sad to not have come through that one, really.

Q.テつ Were you disappointed to be out on Court 2?
JOHANNA KONTA:テつ No, not at all.テつ I played on the court yesterday.テつ It's a lovely court.
Yeah, no, I look at the schedule and see when I play and just get on with my match really.

Q.テつ It's just that a lot of the local people were complaining they couldn't see and watch you.テつ They were very keen to watch their local girl.
JOHANNA KONTA:テつ Oh, that's really nice to hear.テつ Obviously the support was great.テつ I saw a lot of people were around our court.
It was a great atmosphere out there.テつ I'm very glad to have had the support today.

Q.テつ Would you have preferred centre court, given the choice?
JOHANNA KONTA:テつ No, that's completely out of my control.テつ My job is just to go on the court that I'm allocated to and do my best and compete to the best of my ability and see how it goes.

Q.テつ Were you distracted at all by Giorgi's actions?テつ Was that a distraction to you or were you able to focus?
JOHANNA KONTA:テつ I knew what to expect obviously.テつ It didn't affect me.
Obviously there are a lot of external things that go on during the match, so you learn to block all that out the best you can.
No, I was fine.

Q.テつ Was the wind a problem?テつ It got quite blustery.
JOHANNA KONTA:テつ No, it's just an element you deal with.テつ This tournament is known to have windy days, obviously, being next to the seaside.
No, not really.テつ It's just like every day.

Q.テつ When you have a match and you have a match point like that, do you beat yourself up on that or do you just forget about it?
JOHANNA KONTA:テつ No, I don't beat myself up about that at all, really.
I had a match point on her serve, and she played a flawless point.テつ It's not much to beat myself up over really.
I just obviously ‑‑it would have been nice to be a little lucky, but that's the way the game goes.テつ I'm playing against an opponent who wants to win just as much I do.テつ I can only do my best and see how it goes.

Q.テつ How would you sum up the week for you?
JOHANNA KONTA:テつ I think it's been a good week.テつ I've got to stay at home, which is very nice.テつ I played two great matches.
I have managed to get two more matches on the grass.テつ I have had great support this week.テつ It really has been a very enjoyable week for me.

Q.テつ Are you happy with your form going into Wimbledon?
JOHANNA KONTA:テつ Yes, definitely.

Q.テつ You looked very sharp today, even though you lost.
JOHANNA KONTA: テつThank you.

Q.テつ It could have gone either way.
JOHANNA KONTA:テつ Exactly.テつ It was a very close match, a very tough one.テつ I'm looking forward to Wimbledon next week.テつ So, yeah, I'm just looking ahead now and preparing for that.

Q.テつ What will you do?テつ Will you stay at home a bit or go straight up to London or Wimbledon?
JOHANNA KONTA:テつ I'm not too sure.テつ We are still deciding on what the exact plan will be.テつ But obviously I'll be making my way up to London as soon as is reasonable.

Q.テつ You have certainly justified getting the wildcard, haven't you?テつ You win a match and you come so close to winning a second one.テつ That's good, you know, that you can say to the organizers, Thank you for the wildcard, but you have lived up to your part of the bargain?
JOHANNA KONTA:テつ Thank you, I guess.テつ Obviously I'm very grateful for having been given the opportunity, but like I said, every match you're playing against an opponent who wants to beat you just as much as you want to beat them.
Even if you lose and you happen to have the wildcard, that's out of your control.テつ You can only do your best.テつ I think that is deserving enough if you give your best, really.

Q.テつ Is it tempting to stay at home during Wimbledon and commute?
JOHANNA KONTA:テつ Not at all, no.テつ It's about an hour‑and‑a‑half, two‑hour commute one way, so not at all.

Q.テつ If you stayed down here, would you still be able to use the courts, the practice courts?
JOHANNA KONTA:テつ I haven't really thought about that.テつ I would think I would have access to practice here, but obviously I have some commitments up in London, which I need to attend.
So I will be making my way up there this afternoon or tomorrow morning.

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