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June 15, 2014

Keegan Bradley


Q. Was it really a matter of the pins today that is accounting for all the 70s and belows?
KEEGAN BRADLEY: Yeah, yesterday was brutal. Every single pin was tough on every green. I felt the setup today was really great because you could go out and shoot a number, but every pin is run off, could make double or bogey. So it was fun.

Q. Does this leave you with a good taste in your mouth at the end of the week?
KEEGAN BRADLEY: Yeah, I'm so pumped. I was nervous coming down to the end, because there's so many Ryder Cup points on the line here. I was thinking about it. And it's a battle for me because of how bad I want to be on that team. I know that one shot here or there is double points, so it's -- it was nerve wracking. I don't really -- I'm not too worried about the money or the place, Ryder Cup points at this point for me.

Q. The first couple days playing with Martin, what did you take from seeing his game out there and what can you tell us about him that maybe we don't know?
KEEGAN BRADLEY: He played -- he shot, was it 9-under in the first? Whatever, 10. He played even better than that. It was probably the best two rounds I've ever seen since I've been playing.

Q. Can you tell us anything about him that like we don't know? Any good stories from being out there talking with him?
KEEGAN BRADLEY: He's just a good guy. I really like being around him. He's a guy that is really tough. If you got him in a Ryder Cup match or coming down the end of a tournament, he's probably a guy you would rather not face. He's tough and he's very, very good, obviously.

Q. What you were saying about the Ryder Cup and how much confidence you got from this experience, I know that you were trying to improve your U.S. Open record as well, and in many years you would be right in the thick of it with a four-day score. How much confidence does that give you moving forward for this event?
KEEGAN BRADLEY: Yeah, I would have taken 1-over to start the week. I thought -- if you told me 1-over on Wednesday afternoon, I would have said you would win by three. So it's by far the best U.S. Open I've played, three rounds in the 60s, three rounds under par. I don't think I've broken 15-over par at one of these yet, so this is big for me, for sure.

Q. Do you know why the pins were set up the way they were today compared to yesterday and it's a little easier?
KEEGAN BRADLEY: Well, they had to be easier than yesterday, because yesterday was the toughest on every green. So that's pretty easy. But I think the USGA did a really good job this year. I felt like it was fair and I just felt like this is only my third U.S. Open, but I thought this was the best -- sounds weird since I played well, but it was more fun than other U.S. Opens I remember.

Q. Did you expect to have two drivable par-4s when you came here this morning?
KEEGAN BRADLEY: No, I didn't think we would have one all week. But I think they did a great job on those. It's fun, because so often you come to these U.S. Opens and it's driver, 5-iron. There's no birdies. It's going to be really exciting coming down the end here.

Q. Were you thinking Ryder Cup to start the week or is that just something that came up Sunday knowing you're in the mix?
KEEGAN BRADLEY: No, you know that a Major is double points. I know that I've got to make a move, I know that Captain Watson is watching. Andy North is watching every shot; he's here. This is big for me, because I want to be on that team first and foremost. I know that the start of that was here today on Sunday.

Q. How was the setup for your game yesterday compared to just how great you've played Thursday, Friday and Sunday?
KEEGAN BRADLEY: Well, yesterday, I had 36 putts. Today I probably had 31 or 32. Yesterday was just ridiculous with the putter. I had one 1-putt. It was just sickening. So today wasn't much better, to be honest. I made a couple putts, but I hit practically every green and every fairway, which is a good sign.

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