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June 15, 2014

Zach Johnson


Q. You just tossed the ball away. Some fan got it?
ZACH JOHNSON: Yeah, they were fighting for it.

Q. All the details on the ace?
ZACH JOHNSON: This is one of those weeks. I mean because of the way these greens are situated -- even if you're in the middle of the fairway and you're a twosome or threesome, if you can club off of them it's a huge advantage. If I would have had the honor there, I would have hit an 8-iron and I would have been short or off the green or in the trap. I hit a great iron, along the same line, and it landed -- it was five yards short of the green. So I just held a 7-iron, tried to hit a high, high 7-iron, an easy 7-iron. I think 167 hole, 168 hole -- 168, probably playing 166, one of those where it landed essentially kind of to the left and stopped. First one in competition.

Q. Really? How many overall?

Q. First in competition?
ZACH JOHNSON: First in competition.

Q. So how does that cap the week?
ZACH JOHNSON: Yeah, I mean it makes a pretty sour to average week a little sweeter, right? Especially on Father's Day.

Q. When you hit it did you think it had a chance?
ZACH JOHNSON: When I hit it I thought it had a chance. Based on where the pin is you have to err long, and so I was expecting it to land past the pin and release two or three, and roll down there to 15 foot. But like I said, it played a lot longer than we anticipated, because he hit an 8-iron perfect. He's a half a club, maybe a quarter of a club longer than I am, and he was not in a good position.

Q. Did you know you were trending on social media with that ace? And your reaction?
ZACH JOHNSON: That's why I play golf, for social media. And that comes with the territory. I'm in a Major, I'm assuming it's a pretty good deal. My caddie actually made a wager with somebody, bet a hundred bucks that no one would make a hole-in-one this week. The way he looks at it, that might have made him a hundred, anyway.

Q. Peter Jacobsen aced one in '05. He was playing with Kenny Perry. And you were playing with JP?
ZACH JOHNSON: JP is a good luck charm. He made a 4-iron yesterday, and darn near made a 9-iron on the same hole today. And he was like this. He almost made back-to-back twos on 14.

Q. How about the other 17 holes?
ZACH JOHNSON: Really good. My short game was brutal today. Terrible. The longest putt I made was for par on 16, about six feet. By far the longest putt I made. Hit it great. Tee-to-green was awesome. Pitch shots, long putts and short putts, those 8 to 15-footers that you have to make, I made none. Zero. With that being said, I think it was a good week, it just wasn't a great week.

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