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June 15, 2014

Jim Furyk


Q. In your last 20 holes, you were 4-under. So pretty good charge?
JIM FURYK: That's true.

Q. Talk about what clicked and at that point what was coming together for you.
JIM FURYK: I played pretty well on Saturday, I just made some silly mistakes. Yesterday I shot 73, but I really felt like I gave a bunch away. And even though it was a decent score for me yesterday, I was disappointed because I felt like I played better than that. I had one silly mistake today, but I really hit the ball a lot better. I think I gave myself a lot more opportunities today. And I also didn't throw away shots, like I had the last couple of days. I'm sure everyone plays this golf course, and because of the nature of it feels like they let a few go. Other than the one bad three-putt, I didn't really let any strokes go. And I hit the ball beautifully with my irons today. I really put very little stress on myself. I hit a lot of greens. I put the ball in places where I had pretty easy up-and-downs for most of the day. And I was able to convert and make some putts today. I made six birdies.

Q. Was there any significant change in your strategy coming in?

Q. Did you just do what you needed to?
JIM FURYK: No, my strategy all along was to be aggressive, when possible, and be really conservative into the greens. It's hard to attack these flags and pins. It's just so hard to attack the pins just because of the crowned greens, and they're right on the edges. You short side yourself in certain spots, you have no chance. So I tried to play pretty conservative to the greens and let the putter do some work.

Q. Four rounds, overall are you pleased?
JIM FURYK: I feel good about the week. I've put myself a little behind the 8 ball on Thursday's round and on Saturday's round, where I did waste some shots. I turned 70 or 71 into 73. And those rounds are the difference in really having a fantastic week. But I think I was 18th when I finished, and it will be a real good week before it's all said and done.

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