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June 15, 2014

Fran Quinn


Q. What are you going to do with the 2-under back side here? How will that help move you forward for the rest of 2014?
FRAN QUINN: It was great week, and I know that it was a week that had great promise starting the week. And I'm a little disappointed personally on how I played this weekend. But having said that, I know I have a lot of great golf and I will play some great golf the rest of the summer. Hopefully I'm playing next week at Travelers.

Q. Are you qualifying tomorrow morning?
FRAN QUINN: Yeah, I'm hoping to it, I'll either qualify or hopefully get a spot, I don't know.

Q. Did this week meet your expectations, exceed them, just the whole experience for you?
FRAN QUINN: Yeah, I think it definitely exceeded all expectations. I mean, it was just from the standpoint of having my son on the bag, having a chance -- leading the U.S. Open on day one and being around the lead all day. It was something that Owen and I will always remember and talk about for a long time until he's leading the U.S. Open. (Laughter.)

Q. Owen, you're going to stay on the bag through the summer?
OWEN QUINN: I'll caddy a couple times through the summer. I'll play my own junior golf at home, but whenever I can I will be.

FRAN QUINN: I think after this weekend he's fired me. (Laughter.)

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