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June 14, 2014

Adam Scott


Q. You had some decent momentum early, some good par saves, and the eagle try. I guess those two par-3s put you on the back foot?
ADAM SCOTT: The par-3s got me today. It's a shame. I started well. It was a grind, but I had it under par, and just couldn't keep it there through the turn. I think if I'd kept it there through the turn, I had an opportunity on 10 today with the tee being up. And then the momentum is going for the rest of the round. But it went the other way. And it's so hard to stop it. Birdies are so hard to come by. Even the one I made was kind of against the game plan. I fired at the pin and I hit a good shot. Surprisingly, the greens are receiving balls pretty well, better than expected. And I might have played a bit too cautious, but I didn't have that many great looks at birdie today, so it was a grind.

Q. The course play any differently today?
ADAM SCOTT: It just played nice. Obviously it was slightly firmer than yesterday in the morning for me. But it was very playable. There are lots of solid scores out there.

Q. Do you feel quite disappointed you're not in a better position going into tomorrow?
ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, today was a bit of a letdown. Every round I've got under par or after the first half a dozen holes and only one day I've managed to keep it going. So that's a little disappointing. It's just the way it is out here. I wish I could have hit a couple more greens today, but it probably wasn't my iron play, it was probably my tee shots. I found myself in the waste area a couple more times than other days, and ultimately I think that cost me a couple of looks at it. And it makes a big difference when you talk about momentum and flow of a round.

Q. The game plan change for tomorrow?
ADAM SCOTT: I'm going to try to get it in the fairways and then I can try and find some shots to hit a little closer to the hole. I feel like I've putted beautifully this week. It's hard to just walk in 40-footers, but you hit it to 40 feet a lot from the fairways and tees on par-3s. And I haven't made any of them. I'm going to have to find a way to get it inside 20 feet tomorrow. And at least if I could post a number in red figures, you never know. But I'm going to have to have a pretty special round to even think about those dreams.

Q. After three days now playing in the waste area, which most courses have rough, how have you adjusted to that? Most courses, you are used to the rough, how has that affected you not knowing how the ball is going to come out?
ADAM SCOTT: It's not too dissimilar to other places around the world that have areas off the fairway like this. It's a bit of a lottery, but I think I've got pretty lucky this week. I'm sure some guys have been in the bush. But I think most of the time I've had a full swing out of and I've been able to advance the ball to the green. I haven't seen too many guys chipping out. But it certainly address an element of difficulty to the shot and risk and how much you want to take on. I think it's interesting. It's good -- a better way to challenge us and see what imagination we have and try and create some shots, because most of us can just chip it sideways out of 7-inch rough on the sides of the fairway.

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