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June 14, 2014

Erik Compton


Q. Why were you able to play so well today?
ERIK COMPTON: I've been playing kind of under the radar, and I was laughing at my caddie, on the back nine I heard some guys cheering my name. But I've been playing really very solid this year. And I went back to hitting a little bit more of a bleeder off of the tee. And also with the iron shots, I was hitting them very straight, hitting my targets. I think the first ten holes, I didn't really miss my target. I made that nice eagle on the 5th hole, hit driver to 4-iron there. And kind of a momentum killer, I missed a short one on 5 that horseshoed back at me. I just kind of laughed it off and made a great birdie on 7. And then to birdie 10, make a bomb on 11, I knew something special was happening. You know, it was just a good, solid day. Just really, really happy to be here. I'm taking really tight lines off the tee and swinging hard. When you're doing that, it's pretty fun.

Q. In every Major -- not many people play like this in their second ever Major. Do you think what you've been through personally makes you able to handle your emotions better out there?
ERIK COMPTON: I felt comfortable today. I think yesterday I was a little more not at ease. The heat was getting to me. But today I didn't feel much adrenaline or pressure. I just kind of enjoyed the round. And even when things weren't going well, I wasn't getting over anxious. But, I mean, it is a Major and I know you guys put a lot of emphasis on people who don't have experience. But I've been playing good golf for a long time, since I was a junior golfer, college golfer, and playing at other pro levels. And this year I've had a great year. We're playing against the same guys. And I just try to hit fairways and greens. It shouldn't feel any different than any other tournament. I have been through a lot in my life. And some -- a lot more adrenaline pressure situations than hitting a tee shot on 18. Putting things in perspective may help me.

Q. How special is this moment for you, considering what you've been through?
ERIK COMPTON: I think it's very special. When I'm out there, at times it's hard to -- when you look around and I realize where I have been, and then -- but it shouldn't matter. I'm just happy to be able to play golf. But to play at this high level and in such a big tournament, it is something that I carry with me. And it gives me a lot of strength when I do have moments where I feel like I get emotional for a second. But it's right back to hitting the ball and trying to get the ball in the hole. I'm getting better with it. And hopefully in the future I will do some better things with it.

Q. You came in here with two missed cuts, even though you've had the two top 5s earlier. Did anything concern you with your form?
ERIK COMPTON: I had my card locked up and I played those two tournaments and didn't practice much. Maybe I shouldn't have entered the tournaments, but I was just enjoying myself. I didn't prepare like I have this week. Coming up to the Major, I took this week off, after I qualified in Ohio. I had some health things going on with vertigo. And you can hear I'm kind of stuffed a little bit, and that's a residual of some allergy issues that I've sorted out. And if I'm feeling good, it makes a big difference when I'm on the golf course.

Q. Can you talk about that eagle on 5?
ERIK COMPTON: The wind was off the right, I hit a cut driver down the right side and I had 237 to the hole. And I hit a 4-iron straight at the pin with a little cut as hard as I could, and it hit on the front edge. That's a tough hole. It's one of those holes where you've got to play aggressive. If it gets down there on that left side, you could spend all day there chipping. I was happy to walk away with three there.

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