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March 5, 2014

Yogi Ferrell

Will Sheehey

Troy Williams


Q.  I think you tied the game with 10:08 left and the shots went kind of cold.  What wasn't working offensively there the last ten minutes of the second half?
YOGI FERRELL:  Yeah, we just couldn't get our mojo.  We just got quiet and shots weren't falling.  That's just a part of the game.  That's all I'm going to say.
TROY WILLIAMS:  The most we can do now is look on it tomorrow.  It's a new day tomorrow.  Get right back at it.

Q.  Offensively, what were you guys trying to do against the zone?
YOGI FERRELL:  What we wanted to do is get into the middle.  That's my guy over here, Will.  That's basically what we wanted to do.  And drive as well.  We just didn't finish a couple of layups here and there.  That's pretty much what we were trying to do.

Q.  Yogi, were you surprised you were double‑teamed at the top to begin the game?
YOGI FERRELL:  Was I surprised?  Basically, I just feel like that's their defense.  They just kind of trap, ball screen, that's all.  The only other team that does that is Illinois.  So yeah.

Q.  Will, now that you're into the Big Ten Tournament, what are you going to tell the team?
WILL SHEEHEY:  We got to make sure we just go down swinging.  This might have been my last home game, but it's not my last game.  We have numerous practices, numerous games left.  Just because we lost one game doesn't mean we're not going to play the next game as hard as we possibly can.  We've got to come out and play like we know we can, defensively and offensively.  We still have a shot at this thing.

Q.  Will, what happened against the last two nationally ranked teams that didn't happen tonight?
WILL SHEEHEY:  I think it was just both offensively and defensively, we just didn't play with the same swagger and edge that we usually do.  I think defensively, we made some mistakes, including myself, and offensively the ball just didn't move.  We didn't get too many transition points because getting stops on the defensive end became tough.

Q.  Can you kind of diagnose what's different, maybe along the same lines, that you've been able to close out tight games, or take control of tight games late, or games where you haven't?  Thinking about, obviously, Iowa, Ohio State, Notre Dame, just kind of contrasting those and diagnosing what works and what didn't in tight games like that.
YOGI FERRELL:  That's a very long question.

Q.  Sorry.
YOGI FERRELL:  Well, you know, every game's different.  So you've just got to kind of play the game.  It comes down to the wire.  You know, you got to do different things, you know, that maybe you did in the past game, but you've got to do something different now.
Man, that's a long question.  I can't remember anything else.

Q.  Yogi, can you talk about how Devin Davis played?
YOGI FERRELL:  Devin's done a great job for us.  I like how hard he plays.  He hits that offensive glass harder than anyone else.  He's not, you know, the tallest forward out there, but he carves out space.  He gets those offensive boards, puts it back up, kicks it.
So I know we can get energy from him off the bench.  He's definitely a key player for us.

Q.  Will, just give your thoughts on how Troy and Devin played.
WILL SHEEHEY:  You know, Troy drives the lane hard.  He looks for other guys.  Tonight his shot was rolling.  He can get into the lane, like I said.  He has a bunch of energy.  He gets out and runs, and things happen.
Devin, like Yogi said, plays really hard.  He's always there to get the loose ball or at least attempt to.  He has to keep bringing that.

Q.  Will, what bothered you on the defensive end tonight?
WILL SHEEHEY:  Sometimes just leaving guys open, not getting to the ball in transition, things like that.  There was a stretch there where the other guys hit a bunch of threes.  That was unacceptable.

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