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March 2, 2014

Yogi Ferrell

Hanner Mosquera-Perea

Will Sheehey


Q.  How much more comfortable do you feel making moves in the post than you did a year ago?
HANNER MOSQUERA‑PAREA:¬† I feel way better.¬† Now I just relax and play and I know my team more.¬† I know that if I have any trouble somebody's going to be open so I just need to relax.

Q.  Yogi, could you talk a little bit more about Will's playing in the last two games?
KEVIN YOGI FERRELL:  That's what a senior leader does.  He steps up to the challenge.  He's done that for us both games.  He's pretty much carried us.  His energy in practice and everything has carried into the past few games.  His talk before the game in the huddle was great.  So we're going to need him to step it up, and I think he can do it.

Q.  Will, following up on that, is anything different for you these last couple games?  It seems that you've just been, I don't know if confident is the right word, but is anything different basically?
WILL SHEEHEY:¬† Just my guys are finding me.¬† We have a manager who always‑‑ graduate assistant, sorry.¬† I think assistant coach is his actual title, Seth Cooper, just says the end to the means.¬† Eventually they'll start falling for me.¬† I'm taking good shots.¬† Really, I'm not forcing anything.¬† I'm letting it come to me, and I've got everyone on the floor that can find me, so we're really clicking.

Q.  Yogi, you've had one tough game (No Microphone) how do you guys feel?
KEVIN YOGI FERRELL:  I feel that we're coming great.  We've just got to keep the ball rolling.  Now we're looking at our next opponent.  We've just got to get out there and keep playing.

Q.  What's this mean for you guys to get a win like this and take on a team like that?
HANNER MOSQUERA‑PAREA:¬† It just shows the grittiness of our team, I feel like.¬† Everybody steps up to the challenge.¬† They gave us a little bit of extra juice to it, really.¬† Now that Noah's out, everybody just stepped up to the challenge, really. ¬†You know, we really wanted this one.¬† We did not want to come out here with a loss.¬† So I think everybody had in their minds that it just kind of clicked.¬† We just wanted to get this win.

Q.  Will, the fact that you guys were playing this couple days in between, how does that help everybody keep rolling and keep everybody clicking and make sure everybody stays on the same page?
WILL SHEEHEY:  It keeps us focused.  We don't have any time to relax and take a breath which is a good thing.  So everybody's staying focused and we're going through practice with a good mindset.

Q.¬† Does this have a feeling of a late‑season push toward the NCAA Tournament?¬† How do you guys feel?
WILL SHEEHEY:  We think so.  If we win our next two games and make a run in the Big Ten tournament, I think we have a pretty good resume.

Q.  What did it feel after having the month you've had?  How much have you grown up in this month with what happened and the arrest?
WILL SHEEHEY:  We're just going to say that Hanner's been working really hard over the past couple weeks since that happened.  He's sorry for his actions, obviously, and we're just going to move on from it.  He's a great kid.  It's not going to happen again.  He's learned from it, and he's taking strides every day in practice.

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