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February 27, 2014

Evan Gordon

Stanford Robinson

Will Sheehey

Q.  Well, it's a simple question, but 30 points, it felt like tonight you were just a step ahead of guys offensively whoever was checking you up in the half court.  Just what all was working for you?
WILL SHEEHEY:  These guys finding me in transition.  I think Yogi threw two or three over‑the‑top passes, Stan finds me back cuts all the time.  I mean, really I was scoring without the ball in my hands and these guys found me.  So a night like this really just shows the kind of teammates we have.

Q.  Getting those run outs, is that something you guys saw on film that those might be available, because you haven't really gotten a bunch of those this year?
WILL SHEEHEY:  Actually, no.  Our game plan was to run to the corners and space the floor, and I guess that's what happened.  We'd run the corners and the middle would be open.  I just jumped down the middle and got open looks.

Q.  For any of the three of you, you guys have talked about wanting to run, how good did it feel to get out and play at that pace basically all night?
WILL SHEEHEY:  Well, I know Stan was tired, first of all, but he did a fantastic job.  I think our team from the start was built to run like this.  We got the ball out of bounds quick.  Whoever was doing it was doing a great job.  I think it was Noah and Austin.  So we got the ball out quick and really good things happened.

Q.  What made you guys decide to try to run?  You guys played a little bit slower all year.  What made you say if they're going to run, we'll play back at them?
STAN ROBINSON:  We just finally said let's play our game.  The way Coach Crean has been wanting us to play since day one.  They're a good running team, so we decided to just run back with them.  Good things happen when we run.

Q.  Are you guys a better team when you play at a faster pace like this?
STAN ROBINSON:  I think so.  We have a lot of athletes on this team.  Lot of people that can get out and run and up jump high and do a lot of things.  And Yogi with the speed that he has and having Will, it creates a lot for a lot of other people, and it doesn't stretch Yogi as much.  When we get out and run, good things happen.

Q.  Evan, what was it like on the court when you see Will just scoring the point after point?
EVAN GORDON:  It's not anything new that we're not used to.  In practice he does the same thing, so it's good that he can take that out on the court and let it rip?

Q.  There was about, I think‑‑ I was going to say, talking about offense, but there was an 8‑and‑a‑half minute period in the 10‑minute mark in the second period where they didn't make a field goal.  What turned on for you guys in the last ten minutes of the second half to close down their offense?
WILL SHEEHEY:  First of all, we knew we had to win the game on that end.  This game was high scoring and we knew the teams were going to score.  But what we did was start switching more.  Our smaller guys got switched on the bigs and they did a fantastic job really fronting them and making the touches hard for those guys.
So, overall, really it was just our guards' defense and then our bigs obviously switching out on to some guards as well, so really a team effort.

Q.  Talk about beating a ranked team.  I believe this is the third time you've done that here, but the significance of you guys doing that?
EVAN GORDON:  It gives our team confidence.  They're one of the best teams in the country, and for us to get that win under our belt, I think that's a big building block that we can move forward on.

Q.  Will, is this the best you've played?  I know it's the most points, but where would you rank it?
WILL SHEEHEY:  No, not really because defensively I wasn't that great tonight.  I think I've played some better games overall on both ends of the court.  But tonight, offensively, yeah, probably.

Q.  With that bank three, it seemed you got a lot of confidence out of that.  What did that do for you?  It seemed you attacked a lot more after that?
EVAN GORDON:  I don't know if that happened, but it was kind of a shot clock shot.  I mean, I thought it was going to go straight down, but it hit the backboard and went in.  I just kind of thought maybe I should stay a little bit aggressive, and it kind of worked out in the end.

Q.  It was a season high in Big Ten play on bench points for the two of you.  How important was the bench tonight?
STAN ROBINSON:  Coach always says you never know when your time is going to come.  So I felt like us three and everybody on the bench was just ready to go and ready to impact winning no matter if it was scoring, defense, 50‑50s, I just felt like everybody was just ready to impact and win it, and everybody wants the win and everybody was on the same page.  With that, you know, people had great games on offense and defense.

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