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February 12, 2014

Yogi Ferrell

Will Sheehey


Q.  How devastating is it to lose a game like that?
YOGI FERRELL:  It's not very fun to lose a game like that.  It all comes down to execution at the end of the game.  It just has to get a lot better.  We just can't panic on the court.  We've just got to stay true to ourselves and execute.

Q.  What do you feel happened on the inbounds situation there that led to the turnovers?  What happened there?
WILL SHEEHEY:  We panicked.  We didn't stay true to our scouting report.

Q.  Was it something that you felt like at any point it snowballed and they gained so much momentum so fast there late?
WILL SHEEHEY:  We just didn't execute.  You have to play each possession like it's the last possession.

Q.  What did they do with the press?  I don't think they manned you up, but what did they do to make it difficult for you to get the ball out?
YOGI FERRELL:  Yeah, kind of just manning up.  Kind of doubling me, and then kind of forcing other guys to catch them.  Just couldn't get the ball in at the time.

Q.  Coach talked about a lack of leadership down at the end of the game.  What do you guys feel you could have done better?  What do you think that coach was looking for?
YOGI FERRELL:  You know, I think Coach was looking for when a team goes on a run like Penn State did, guys like myself and Will to get our team riled back up.  Because some guys may have down faces just a little bit just because they went on that run.  So it's just on our part to tell these guys we're not going to lose this game, and I think that's what he was looking for.

Q.  Did you guys sense panic down the stretch and when?  At what point did you start to look around and say we're starting to lose it?
WILL SHEEHEY:  We just didn't execute.  We didn't stick to the scouting report.  We really just didn't make plays toward the end.

Q.  There were three turnovers at the end and 20 in the game.  That's been a problem for this team all season long.  Is there an explanation for why it hasn't been cured?
YOGI FERRELL:  We've just got to get more intelligent on our team, I feel like.  It starts, of course, with me and Will, always does.  We're the front runners for that.  We've just got to be more intelligent with the ball and how we play the game.

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