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January 18, 2014

Yogi Ferrell

Evan Gordon

Will Sheehey

IOWA - 47

Q.  Offensively you guys struggled; why do you think that was?
YOGI FERRELL:  I think it was a little combination of both.  I know I can remember Evan had a lot of open shots off driving kicks, just didn't happen to fall.  Some jump shots, I think we did force them.  I know I did personally.  So it was pretty much a combination of both, really.

Q.  Will, talk about hurting your ankle.  How much of a concern was it when you went down?
WILL SHEEHEY:  Yeah, I'm going to be all right.  Just got bad ankles, rolled it once before.  It's just going to be sore.

Q.  Yogi, what made it hard to drive on Northwestern?
YOGI FERRELL:  Yeah, they pretty much just packed the paint, really.  They do something that we kind of worked on before.  They kind of corral basically guarding the ball and then another man coming over and basically just keeping it in front.  It was kind of hard to get to the rim and attack.

Q.  Will, how disappointing is this after the win over Wisconsin?
WILL SHEEHEY:  I mean, we come out to play every game in a different mindset.  We don't really try to think about previous games when we play next.  It was disappointing.  Obviously we want to come out and win every game.  We obviously didn't, starting with me, didn't play our best game tonight, and it showed.

Q.  It seemed like you guys struggled to maintain momentum throughout the game.  What was happening or what were they doing to stop some of that?
EVAN GORDON:  Basically they controlled the tempo of the game offensively and defensively.  They clogged the middle offensively on us, and they hit some big shots down the stretch when we had it pretty close.  They just kind of dictated the tempo of the game.

Q.  Down the stretch it seemed like Demps was able to get loose a couple times and get a couple shots.  What did they do to get him open?
YOGI FERRELL:  Basically just setting highball screens and he was just coming off and pulling, really.  He hit some tough shots on us.

Q.  When things were going bad down the stretch, what were you guys trying to do?  What did you need to do?
YOGI FERRELL:  Needed to move the ball, swing it, get reversals really and drive off of that.  You know, get open shots.  We wanted to get Noah the ball.  I feel like we did.  They were going double in on him, and he would kick out, but we just wanted to kind of play at a fast pace.

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