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November 27, 2013

Steve Addazio

COACH ADDAZIO:  Just coming off of last week, we had an exciting game against Maryland.  It was a real hard‑fought games, two teams really battling, a very, very physical game.  I thought Maryland has an outstanding football team and really are just a great prepared team, coached real well.  We were very fortunate in the end to be able to kick a field goal to win the game in the end.
We go into this week, we're getting ready to play Syracuse, and the Syracuse‑BC game has always been quite a rival game.  My years at Syracuse it was a red‑letter game for us, and really excited to really kind of re‑stoke up that rivalry as two northeast teams within the ACC get to play each other.
We have a lot of respect for Syracuse.  Syracuse has always been a very tough, physical football program, playing with a lot of pride.  You watch their team this year, and they play really strong on defense.  They're really a strong defensive team, a real strong blitz team with some outstanding football players, really well put together, well coached on offense.  On offense they're a real strong running team.  They have some outstanding skilled athletes and a quarterback that's a dual‑threat quarterback that poses a lot of challenges.
We know heading into this game it's going to be a really rough game going up there playing them in the dome on senior day, and of course they'll be fighting for bowl eligibility and just a hard‑nosed team.  So this will be two evenly matched teams coming against each other, two strong run games, two aggressive defenses, should be a lot of fun, and we're looking forward to getting this thing started.
Any questions?

Q.  We've been asking guys to help us out with our All‑ACC voting that's got to be this week.  Tough part is obviously offensive line.  You have a guy, Patchan, that's twice been the offensive lineman of the week.  Would he be a good starting point there?
COACH ADDAZIO:  I mean, our offensive line is just one of the best offensive lines I've coached in my career.  I was an offensive line coach for years.  Absolutely Matt Patchan is an outstanding football player, really playing as good as I've ever seen him play right now.  I think Ian White, our other senior tackle, they're just two outstanding guys.  Those are two guys that are going to play in the NFL.  We're very, very fortunate here.  They're tough, they're physical, they're smart, and they play really, really hard.

Q.  Again, for weeks it's been kind of assumed Jameis Winston is going to be the Offensive Player of the Year, but with Andre rushing for almost 900 yards in the last three weeks, is he putting himself into that mix, too?
COACH ADDAZIO:  I mean, I think Andre is just playing outstanding right now.  He's a big part of our last four games in the fourth quarter, 47 plays in the fourth quarter over the course of four games, nine explosives, averaging 14 yards per play for 58 points.  There's a lot of productivity there, and Andre is just really‑‑ he's been playing well all year, but it just seems like each week he's growing, getting better, as is, I believe, our offensive line, and the two are working together hand in hand.

Q.  I know you don't look at numbers, but he topped 2,000 yards last week.  The week before he broke the ACC season record.  Do you look at the NCAA chart and say how far can he move up in this game, in the bowl game?
COACH ADDAZIO:  Well, I mean, I know he's obviously‑‑ he's the heart and soul of what we do, so I'm well aware, and I know he's been really highly productive, and he needs to be so that we can have team success.
I am aware, obviously, that he's over 2,000 yards.  But most importantly for me, the week‑to‑week thing, is the formulation of our run and play action game on offense, to work off of each other and to give an opportunity for Andre to be successful because that's where our explosives come from.

Q.  I know he's not the running back everybody talks about, but Tyler Rouse is a local kid kind of coming home.  What have you seen from him this year, and did you expect him to get on the field right away for you?
COACH ADDAZIO:  I'm glad you asked.  Tyler is just an unbelievable guy.  That guy is one of the best competitors we have on our football team, and he's had an outstanding freshman year.  He's been on the field.  He's carries the ball a few times.  He's involved in special teams.  We have a high level of trust in his ability, and he's going to have a great career here.  So we're very, very fortunate to have him here, and you'll see him on the field in the dome, and I'm sure he'll be excited having a chance to go back towards his hometown and play.  He's an A‑1‑A kid, a high‑character guy with an unbelievable work ethic, and he's very talented.

Q.  I know he's rooming with Andre, I guess, on the road and before games.  Is that a philosophy of yours to take the youngest position player and room him with the oldest, or how did that work out?
COACH ADDAZIO:  Yeah, we try to do that.  The running back room with‑‑ you've got two young guys, Myles Willis and Tyler and then Andre, and it's just a great blend and a great chemistry.  Tahj Kimble, those guys get along very, very well, and Andre is a great role model and a great human being, and it's just a collection of really good guys in there.  I really like the chemistry within the power of that unit.  So it's been great.

Q.  And last one, I know when Syracuse hired Scott there was a push from some for you to get the job up here.  Did you ever reach a point where you envisioned yourself head coach at Syracuse versus head coach at BC?
COACH ADDAZIO:  You know, obviously I had a great‑‑ I just loved‑‑ when I coached at Syracuse, I loved living in Syracuse, had a great experience in Syracuse, and so I always held Syracuse in the absolute highest regard.  I just‑‑ as a Northeast guy, it's a tough, Northeast program, so those were some great years.
You know, and obviously I'm here as the head coach of Boston College right now, and I'm just absolutely thrilled.  Sometimes you say to yourself, it's like a dream come true here.
You know, I've been very, very fortunate.  I've been at some really good places with some unbelievable people.  Having a chance to be with Paul Pasqualoni at Syracuse was truly one of the greatest things for me as a person and also in my career.

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