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November 27, 2013

Jimbo Fisher

COACH FISHER:  Very proud of the way our team competed this weekend in the game against Idaho.  Thought we did some very nice things.  Thought some of our young players got some great time in the game, played very well.  Very proud of the development of our young players, and our organization is helping us progress.  Feeling much more comfortable in the depth in the competition going on for jobs and what is happening.
Have a tremendous task ahead of us going down to Gainesville this week.  Florida is an extremely talented football team, very well‑coached team.  They will bring their A game to the table, no doubt about it.
In rivalry games, it's always very critical to keep emotions in check and be able to play and function and execute.  Execution will win the game.  But you have to play at a high level because Florida is a very physical, dominating team and can play very well.
Looking forward to the challenge.  It will be a great challenge for our football team this weekend.

Q.  What was the adjustment for Jernigan switching?
COACH FISHER:  I think being sometimes with the nose guard situation, we'll play some zero nose and things.  You have to be taking on a few more blockers.  Don't always have to make as many plays.  Got to be a little unselfish.  Sometimes you have to define how you're in your gaps a little more.  I think it was just a little bit of an adjustment early.
Once he's grasped ahold of it, he's playing tremendous football right now.

Q.  How important is it to have that really good nose guard for the 3‑4?  Is that a little bit more important than it is in the old scheme?
COACH FISHER:  There's no doubt.  You have to dictate if they single block, you're going to really disrupt things.  If they single block, you're going to really disrupt things.  If the double‑team, then you're back, people get to run free.
You see with the New England Patriots, Wilfork and all those guys.  Those guys are big‑time critical guys when you run that kind of defense.

Q.  There are four ACC/SEC matchups this weekend.  I just wonder what it means to the perception to the ACC if it can take care of business this weekend.  It's 2‑2 heading into this weekend.
COACH FISHER:  I think anytime you have those non‑conference games, if you can be successful, it makes your league look that much better.  I mean, it really does.  I think they're critical games.  They're critical for all of us because we're all fighting for championships in important situations.
For your league, the perception of your league, if you want your league to be perceived well, you have to play well in those games.

Q.  I know absolutely you don't look past Florida State.  Will you peek a little bit if the scores are coming, there's four teams you could end up playing a week from today?
COACH FISHER:  I promise you, I will after the Florida game.  Florida is way too good to be worrying about somebody else.

Q.  How critical has Christian Jones been in letting your defense become as versatile and multiple as you like it to be?
COACH FISHER:  He can stand up, get down, rush.  He's that body type, has that type of athleticism and strength.  Hybrid guys aren't the true word for those guys.  Those guys are versatile, having that many talents, it is critical.
A lot of your top defenses, when you see them around the country, they have guys like that.  It's very critical.

Q.  This week we have to vote on All‑ACC.  We have to pick three teams.  Usually we're okay on the skill guys, but offensive linemen drive us crazy.  You have the best offense in the league.  Make a case for a couple of your guys.
COACH FISHER:  I don't want to get into all that.  I feel we have a very good offensive line.  I feel all of our guys are All‑Conference caliber type guys.  There are other great players throughout the league.  As a coach, you study tons of them.  I think all of our guys have a chance.  Stork is one of the best centers around.  The two tackles, Cam Erving.  We talked about Bobby heart earlier.  We talked about Bobby Hart.  Bobby Hart played tremendously this year.  I think Bobby Hart had a tremendous year.  Cam, Josue, and Tre' are very talented, big, physical guys inside.  All those guys.
Again, that's the key.  The guys that put their hands in the dirt are very critical for us.

Q.  On the other side of the ball, I know there's some linemen with great numbers for tackles for loss, total tackles and sacks.  A guy that doesn't have great numbers but is a huge impact is Jernigan.  You spoke about him earlier.
COACH FISHER:  I promise you this, I'm glad I don't have to talk to block Timmy Jernigan on Saturday.  I'm glad I have to block him on Monday and Friday.  Those other guys are all tremendous problems.  But Timmy Jernigan in my opinion is as dominating as anybody in our conference.

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