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November 2, 2013

Quinn Kaehler

Adam Muema

Ezell Ruffin


Q.  (Question off microphone)?
EZELL RUFFIN:  Yeah, you know we thought about the momentum and everybody's expecting everybody to make plays and when everybody's making plays, it just motivates people to play better.

Q.  Is that a scripted first play, the first play?
EZELL RUFFIN:  Yeah, that's the play we used that coach decided to go with.

Q.  Seemed like the offense was involved.  In the second half you guys ran the ball a lot more.  What was it like for you?  You started the year a little bit slow, the last game, do you feel comfortable now?
ADAM MUEMA:  Yes, really comfortable.  It was hard getting through these injuries.  But my team worked with me.  I got through them.

Q.  [Indiscernible]?
QUINN KAEHLER:  That I missed.  I thought the offense was successful in throwing and running, and it really helps when the line blocks the way they do and Adam runs the way he does and a lot more opens when that's happening.

Q.  I guess your perspective, there was an offensive line, how do you think you all worked together?
QUINN KAEHLER:  The offensive line did a great job tonight.  Specifically, I don't know, we'll have to watch film to determine that.  But the offensive line obviously played great and it was a good game for the offense.

Q.  How much did it help you the way you were seeing, when you guys were running [indiscernible] how much did it help?
QUINN KAEHLER:  It helped a lot.  More guys started coming to the box and the corners were kind of on islands one‑on‑one with our receivers, and we have some really good wide receivers, and they were open for me.

Q.  Adam, talk about the bounceback after losing a tough game last week, people were wondering how you guys were going to come out and handle this.  Can you talk about that?
ADAM MUEMA:  I think the losses come all the time; you've got to be able to bounce back.  And we're looking for a Bowl game, 13th game, hopefully win that.  But just gotta get over it and keep playing strong.

Q.  Talk about the play you got in the game, looked like you were‑‑ somebody stepped out from behind?
ADAM MUEMA:  I guess I didn't trust my speed like that being injured the whole week.  But I'll get used to it, get my confidence back up and keep on practicing, hopefully it will work out.

Q.  (Indiscernible) the first few games.  When did you feel like you were comfortable and like was there a game you kind of put it all back?
ADAM MUEMA:  Probably the last game, really.  I was just more excited of playing a big team.  But not really much.

Q.  (Question off microphone)?
EZELL RUFFIN:  Yeah, we practiced.  And we do what we have to do.  He trusts me to make plays and I trust him.  So things really are starting to click between the two of us.

Q.  Can you take us through that first play of the game, what you saw?
QUINN KAEHLER:  The safeties were really tight.  I'm not sure what it is, but we've come out almost every game I've started and run the ball.  So it was nice‑‑ we had the play action and the safeties really came up and then Bezel was pretty much one‑on‑one with the corner and made a really good move and he was open.

Q.  Were you excited when things started [indiscernible]?
QUINN KAEHLER:  That's exactly how you hope it turns out.  And it's really cool and it was fun to start the game that way.

Q.  Were you excited with the prospect of [indiscernible]?
QUINN KAEHLER:  I'm excited whatever helps the team move down the field, whether it's short throws, long throws or running the ball.  I don't really mind as long as we're moving the ball and being effective.

Q.  Ezell, what was going through your head when you realized it was wide open, the play of the game, what was going through your head?
EZELL RUFFIN:  Catch the ball.  Make sure you catch the ball.  Everyone's counting on you to make the catch.  That's about it.  Great pass.  The line did a great job holding up.

Q.  [Indiscernible] did you think about that?
EZELL RUFFIN:  Yeah, we did.  To get a Bowl, we know we gotta win the rest of our games.  And we are just taking it one game at a time, that's how we're going about it.

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