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October 30, 2013

Paul Chryst

COACH CHRYST:  Certainly looking forward to going down to Georgia Tech and playing who we think is a really good team.  Got to rebound from a tough loss against Navy.  But so far we've had a couple days of good practice and looking forward to Saturday night's game obviously.

Q.  Talk about the two straight weeks you're playing a team that plays the option.
COACH CHRYST:  I think anytime you're playing teams like this in option football, you've got to be disciplined.  You've got certain guys assigned to certain things.  Guys have to do their job, obviously do it well.
Everyone's got to be accountable.  You can't do someone else's job, yet you don't have as much overlap.  We have to be disciplined, certainly tackle well, got to do a good job of getting off of some blocks.
It's a challenge.  Tech obviously runs it very well.  We've had a chance and we certainly saw it at a different speed Saturday against Navy than we did against our scout team.  The disadvantages, they've got some pretty good film to look at.
That's all part of it.  We got to go out and play and execute on Saturday night.

Q.  Have you ever been down to Atlanta before as a coach?
COACH CHRYST:  I have not played down there at Tech.  Played against the Falcons, but never against Georgia Tech.

Q.  Are you worried that you're not good defensively against an option team?
COACH CHRYST:  We're not playing Navy again.  We did some really good things against them.  Obviously had a couple long drives at the end of the game.  We've got to clean that up.
No, I don't feel there's something inherent about that offense that we can't handle.  Yet certainly have a lot of respect for Georgia Tech.  I think Paul has run that for a long time.  He certainly knows it inside and out.
But we've got to execute, right?  That's what it always comes down to.  Certainly it presents unique challenges.  There's some things we've certainly got to clean up from the game and some things we've got to build on.

Q.  On the offensive side of the ball what do you need to do consistently better?
COACH CHRYST:  I think it comes down to when you've got an opportunity to make a play, we've got to make a play.  We did a better job on third down last week, but we still had some crucial third downs that we didn't.  You've got to do that.
Offensively we've got to be prepared.  Last week we knew going in there was a high chance for limited possessions.  We ended up having 10 possessions.  One of those was 16 seconds left in the first half where the ball is on the 1, just tried to finish out the half.  We had a couple three‑and‑outs.  That doesn't help.
We have to be efficient I think against Georgia Tech.  We're certainly going to have to try to run the football.  They've don't give up big runs.  But we've got to try to establish the run.  Got to be efficient on third down, try to keep some drives alive.
A lot of the old adages, taking care of the football, will apply to this game.  We have to be efficient with the opportunities we get.

Q.  I know against the option you have to take away all three things.  It starts with that dive read.  They have two guys in Laskey and Sims that have been very successful.  That may be the strength of your defense, the interior with Donald.  Can you address the one phase of the option game, how important that is to stop, how tough it is going to be to stop?
COACH CHRYST:  Yeah, it is tough.  Strength is with Aaron.  Anytime you're strong up the middle, baseball you have to be strong up the middle, football the same thing.  The dive is where it starts.  They got a chance to be able to get double‑teams on Aaron, that's going to hopefully free up some other guys they've got to handle.
That is the starting point.  They know it.  We know it.  If you just have one way to take away the dive, you can be vulnerable.  At the same time if Aaron can create some havoc in there, it does free up some other guys.  Sometimes you're robbing Peter to pay Paul.  If you can get a couple guys to hold up inside, you can kind of cover, get some overlap players.

Q.  They use two quarterbacks.  Thomas came in and gave them a lift last week.

Q.  Present different threats from the two guys?
COACH CHRYST:  Yeah, I mean, I think they're different.  There's always that fine line, though.  It's a hard enough preparation just all together.  You don't want to make it so unique to the personnel changes that now you're doubling the amount of preparation.
I think you certainly see some things.  They're obviously different players, different strengths.  But you got to be careful of not overplaying that too much.  You end up being kind of being a jack of all trades, master of none.

Q.  Paul, are teams running away from Aaron since he had so much success earlier in the season?
COACH CHRYST:  I don't think so.  I think they're certainly aware of it, accounting for it.  I don't think right now that we've necessarily seen that, where they're just saying, We're going to run away from him.  Sometimes I think that's where he is also pretty dangerous.
I know just going against him in practice, it's not that simple playing against him that way.

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