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October 23, 2013

Jimbo Fisher

JIMBO FISHER:  Very proud of the way our team competed up in Clemson.  Was a great atmosphere and environment against a great football team in Clemson.  I thought our kids handled the atmosphere very well and focused on the game, played extremely well in the game, all three phases.  Very proud of our defense, creating the situations they created.  Offense we took advantage of those and were able to move the ball pretty consistently, and special teams I thought for the most part played well, and we have to versus a great team like Clemson.  I thought our guys handled that.
Looking forward to a great week of practice this week, have a very good NC State team coming in here.  Got to have a great preparation during the week and put that game behind us at Clemson and move on.  And I think our kids are doing that very well.
Again, like the focus and like our team right now.  We're still developing, still have a lot of room for improvement in a lot of areas and things which we are doing.  But we'll continue to do that if we keep a great attitude and work ethic, which they seem to be doing.
We're looking forward to a great game this weekend with NC State.  I know they'll bring their "A" game, and after a week off they'll be prepared, rested, and fully ready to go.

Q.  Is there any such thing as a trap game, or is that just something that we in the media like to write about?  And if there is, how dangerous is this game sandwiched between Clemson and Miami?
JIMBO FISHER:  I think all games are trap games if you don't prepare for them, and I think you have to understand that.  I mean, if you say it's a trap game‑‑ because what the kids hear, it's this game and this game you worry about.  Well, if you're a mature team you don't allow those things to happen.  But yes, there's things that you have to look at, but it has nothing to do with NC State's ability, it just has the national media's focus that the other two teams are more highly ranked, but hopefully we'll be mature enough to look past that and be able to prepare because we know NC State will definitely be ready to play and bringing their "A" game.

Q.  Obviously the decisive nature of that game may have surprised some people.  What about your performance maybe surprised you?  Are you that much improved in certain areas that maybe that game showed you that you weren't expecting perhaps?
JIMBO FISHER:  Well, I don't know.  I think we have a very good team.  I think we're a very talented team, and I think we're getting better each week and we're making improvements each week, so I think a lot of those areas we were able to execute in, and I think you're able to create turnovers in the game which is very critical.  We have to capitalize on turnovers.  And again, didn't have any‑‑ hardly any major hiccups on our side.  So from that standpoint, again, handling the pressure and handling those situations, handling the moment, very proud of our team and the way we did that.
We have a very good football team, there's no doubt about that.  But we still have a lot of room for improvement.  We still have to keep that attitude, but I like the way they're improving each week.

Q.  What's left for improvement?
JIMBO FISHER:  Oh, I thought there was a lot of missed plays on offense, a lot of things we left out there.  I think defensively I think still keeping some great leverage on the ball at different times on some coverage situations inside.  Special teams we still let a punt get away from us a little bit on a punt return, and there's still a lot of room.
We kicked three field goals in the red zone, one was before the half, we didn't have time to drive, we missed a short yardage down there, could have had a touchdown.  There was lots of room for improvement in those situations.

Q.  We've talked a lot about Jameis as far as his maturity and leadership and work habits and things like that, but I'm curious, where is he progressed from a mechanics standpoint as far as footwork, getting in good delivery positions, all those kind of things?
JIMBO FISHER:  Very well.  He works on his fundamentals hard every day.  Hand placement, foot placement, hip placement, eye placement, shoulder placement.  He works on all those fundamentals every week.  We put a lot of work.  Randy Sanders does a great job with him in that regard.  Randy is a very good quarterback coach and is really developing him in my opinion.
He takes pride in those things because he understands, he knows no matter what he ‑‑ you've got to get the ball to people and be consistent, so you have to have great fundamentals.  And I think also what helps him is as he continues to have knowledge of our offense and grows, it allows that footwork and those fundamentals to come even quicker, which makes him more consistent.

Q.  Has there been as far as that any one area that made a huge jump in from the time he got here as a true freshman, or was he pretty far along or pretty consistent in that area when he got there?
JIMBO FISHER:  I think he's done a really nice job with his hands, being more consistent with his hands and where his hands are held on the release point to be more consistent, but he can adjust his hands, which all the great ones can.  And I think with his hips, I think he's working his feet much‑‑ he had great feet, but he's working his hips and getting more in line with his throws and being more aware of those things and not relying on his arm as much.  I think he's done a great job in those areas.

Q.  Talk about Bobby Bowden.  He's going to be coming back this weekend for the special ceremony you guys are having.  What does he mean to you as a coach?
JIMBO FISHER:  He was one of my heroes.  I've known Bobby for 30 years.  I used to stay at their house.  I used to go to bowl games with him, used to travel, be around the family.  It went much deeper than what I learned just when I was coaching here.  A lot of my fundamentals and philosophies and beliefs in coaching come from Coach Bowden many, many years ago.  I believe the same thing, and he was a hero to us in coaching and a guy who did it right, did it the right way, did it with as much class and dignity as anybody, won as much or more than anybody out there, could be considered the greatest college coach of all time.
From that standpoint he meant everything, and being able to coach around him then and learn from him I thought was a tremendous experience.  It was priceless.  You couldn't put a pricetag on it.

Q.  You coached against the NC State coach last year in that bowl game, so what did you learn from that bowl game against him?
JIMBO FISHER:  Actually he was gone by then.  He actually left and had taken the NC State job and his assistant ‑‑ I know this:  They did a heck of a job at Northern Illinois.  They were a tremendously well‑coached football team and played a great game, and as I say, they're still undefeated today, so he was part of building one heck of a football program.

Q.  I know you were talking in the media about trap games, but you've got Miami coming up.  How do you get your players focused on this week's game after a big win over Clemson?
JIMBO FISHER:  Remind them of last year, that pain you felt last year when you didn't finish the game and do the things, and they made the plays.  Each game is a one‑game season, and I think hopefully we've learned from that, which I think we really have, and be ready to play.

Q.  I just wonder if you can talk about the problems‑‑ NC State was able to present a pretty good pass rush that gave Tajh Boyd some trouble when they played up there.  Is that a concern, and can you talk about their defensive rush?
JIMBO FISHER:  Oh, I think they've got great guys up front.  They get Cato‑Bishop back this week, and they have guys up front.  I mean, 95, could be 92, 90 is athletic, 75, McGill, those guys, they're all ‑‑ they run a lot of gains.  The TEs, the ETs, they bring bear packages, bring a lot of blitzes.  They do a lot of different things up front to create gains for those guys, and they're very talented.  They do a really good job.

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