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October 19, 2013

Ed Orgeron

Notre Dame テや 14
USC テや 10

COACH ORGERON:テつ Well, we have a hurt team in there.テつ They gave it everything they had.テつ I was really proud of our football team and our players and our coaching staff.テつ Game 2 of a new season, the way we competed, the way we fought to the very end.テつ There was a lot of belief on the sidelines.テつ There was unbelievable enthusiasm and energy before the game, a work ethic, a bonding of a football team coming together.
Unfortunate we didn't win the game, but I really liked the way our guys played and competed to the end.テつ There was something special in that locker room that just happened just now, and we have a special group of men that have fought through adversity and started to believe in themselves.
Obviously the penalties hurt us tonight in crucial situations, and we didn't punch it in the red zone when we needed to.テつ Rivalry game, they're going to make big plays.テつ Notre Dame made some big plays on us, especially going into halftime.テつ Unfortunate that they had that scoring drive there.
But overall I just feel our coaching staff and our players gave it everything that they had in game 2 of our season, and I expect them to bounce back strong tomorrow.

Q.テつ What were they able to do in the second half to sort of shut down your run game?
COACH ORGERON:テつ Pressure.テつ A lot of pressure.テつ That was a good front.テつ We knew it was a good front coming in, a lot of pressure, and we just seemed that we couldn't get things going.テつ Those are big guys to block, 350 in the middle.テつ It seemed that every time we had a 1st down or something like that we had a holding call or jumped offsides, we shot ourselves in the foot, and then it was 2nd and 20.テつ But give them credit; they've got a good front.

Q.テつ What's your confidence level right now in Heidari?テつ What do you think caused him to miss those kicks there?テつ Those ended up being pretty crucial.
COACH ORGERON:テつ He's been good for us.テつ My confidence level is high on everybody on our football team right now and our coaching staff.テつ These guys are tremendous fighters, they're competitive, they work very hard, they're our family, and if anything tonight I gained confidence in everybody.

Q.テつ (No microphone.)
COACH ORGERON:テつ We've just been with our team here, and as far as that maybe I'll talk to you about it tomorrow, but tonight was about our football team in that locker room.

Q.テつ The false starts are kind of uncommon for this team.テつ Was it because it was a road game?
COACH ORGERON:テつ I'll look at it on film.テつ I'll talk to Coach Summers and Coach Helton and see it.テつ We have to eliminate it.テつ Obviously it hurt us, no question.

Q.テつ Can you just talk about the decision to kick the field goal on the 4th and 5 instead of trying to go for it at that point?
COACH ORGERON:テつ Yeah, it was really close.テつ It actually goes back to do you think we can make it here, and we think we can get the points so we wanted to get the points and maybe get the ball back.テつ Going into the end we just felt that we weren't kicking field goals very well so let's go and win the game.テつ That was the conversation.

Q.テつ Silas Redd, who was he able to do well today?テつ He established himself pretty well in the first half.
COACH ORGERON:テつ Love him.テつ I love Silas Redd.テつ I love his family, what he stands for, toughness, the type of running back that we want at USC along with other guys.テつ I felt myself that‑‑ there was one series that I felt that we were going to give the ball to Silas and we were going to go ahead and score.テつ It was going into the 4th quarter, I think.テつ If we got the turnover, we'll be able to get Silas the football and score, and it didn't happen.テつ But he is a good back and a great young man, great young man.

Q.テつ Could you evaluate the play of the O‑line tonight?
COACH ORGERON:テつ Hey, listen, we made some mistakes.テつ We didn't do the things we would like to do at a high level, but I'm proud of all my guys, just like my family.テつ They fought.テつ They fought as hard as they possibly can and gave us everything that they can.テつ These are just tremendous young men.テつ I'm just proud of them.

Q.テつ (No microphone.)
COACH ORGERON:テつ It was fun.テつ I enjoyed it.テつ I enjoyed being with my team, our team.テつ Seeing us grow.テつ I enjoy coming here, I enjoy going to other stadiums.テつ I've been to other stadiums before.テつ This is not the first big stadium I've been in.テつ A lot of tradition there, a lot of respect for the rivalry, but once you get on the grass you're just looking at your guys coaching football.

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