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October 16, 2013

Jimbo Fisher

COACH FISHER:  Excited to be back and playing this week.  Just came off the bye week.  Thought we got a lot of things accomplished and improved fundamentally.  Got some work on done some things we needed to improve.  Having great preparation for Clemson this week and looking forward to an outstanding football game.
Like I say, this is an important game for both schools.¬† It has been for a while with the Atlantic Division and for the ACC in general and also nationally.¬† We are very excited to play in this game, looking forward to competing in the game and also know Clemson has a great ballclub, very well talented and well‑coached and should be an outstanding contest and definitely going to have our AGame to come out of there with a victory.¬† But looking forward to the opportunity to see what happens.

Q.¬† You didn't play a lot of up‑tempo against Maryland, but how much did you practice up‑tempo and how much do you think it will help you against Clemson?
COACH FISHER:  I think it definitely will help because a lot more people are doing that but again Clemson does it so well that it's still more difficult.  But we practice against it every day.  We went against it on our scout teams and rapid pace and all those things, simulate.  But still getting out there in game time action and making those calls, it definitely helped and should prepare us for that.

Q.¬† When it comes down to the Coaches Poll, how much in favor are you of‑‑ inaudible ‑‑ the BCS standings?
COACH FISHER:  I think it's very important, I do.  I think we take it very seriously and I think it's a very critical part of being part of the standings, I really do.

Q.¬† Florida State has the two primary in‑state rivals, but I'm wondering with the kind of games you're playing against each other now and the stakes, what has the Clemson series become to Florida State?
COACH FISHER:  I think it's become a rivalry, because it's a very important Atlantic Division contest, I mean, there's no doubt.  It is a rivalry because of the importance and how good both teams are.  Like I say, you have a rivalry, it's usually when both teams are very competitive and both teams have success and it will decide something, and this has definitely become that in my opinion.

Q.¬† In this kind of game, two Top‑5 teams, obviously the kind of game that Florida State has played in quite a bit over the years under Coach Bowden, what does it mean for the program to be back playing these kind of games now regularly?
COACH FISHER:¬† I think it's very important.¬† I think last year, I think we were both Top‑10 also I think when us and Clemson played; one was 4, one was 9.
I think it's a sign that both of us are establishing ourselves back in national prominence again, and it's great for our kids to experience that; and the more times we're in those situations, I think the more successful we have a chance of being.

Q.¬† You have a top‑five game, and three teams in league in the Top‑10; is this the type of scenario playing out that can really help the ACC and propel you to a different level?
COACH FISHER:  Now we are getting the national recognition and the teams, we won some important games and I think it is very critical and I think it's great for the ACC.  It brings awareness to it and I think the rest of the country will be able to see what kind of quality football is played in the ACC.

Q.  Curious what you see from the defensive line and how you feel you match up with them up front.
COACH FISHER:  I think it will be a very tough match up.  I think we have a very good offensive line but I think they have a very good defensive line.  I think Vick and Crawford and all those guys, they are deep.  They play a lot of guys.  They rotate a lot of guys.
I think they are a very physical football team, and very dominant.¬† They lead the country in sacks.¬† You don't be able to do that without being able to create a lot of pressure and have a lot of talent and be very well‑coached.

Q.  What do you see that's made them so much better defensively this year?
COACH FISHER:  I think they are older.  They are more mature.  I think they are comfortable in their scheme.
I think a lot of things, just like us offensively and defensively as we are growing through the year, I think guys have been in the system longer and they understand it.  I think that allows, as you understand something better, it allows your talent to come out and you play much faster, and I think that's what's happening with them.

Q.¬† Talking about the secondary against Boyd, if they are going to be‑‑ are they going to mess him up during the week with the scheme on Saturday?
COACH FISHER:  I misunderstood your question.  Can you repeat it?

Q.  Our secondary with Joyner against Boyd, do you think that's one of the great matchups for this weekend?
COACH FISHER:  Oh, yeah, I think it is.  I think everybody has to be able to cover everybody.  We'll use people in different matchups during the game depending on situations and what we do and we'll make some multiple coverages; we have to.  Because if you don't, Tajh will just eat you alive because he makes so many good reads and the receivers know what is going on.
So it will be a very critical matchup, there's no doubt and we'll have our hands full.

Q.  How difficult is it for the visiting people to play in Death Valley, because it's noisy when you watch it on TV, how do you prepare for that?
COACH FISHER:  We do regular crowd noise like we would for any other game.  You have to learn to be mentally tough, and it is a very tough environment, it's a great atmosphere.  And that's one of the advantages of playing a home game, just like Doak Campbell is when people come here.
I think it is very critical.  I think to understand to be a great team, you have to play well on the road and you have to handle those situations, so I think it's something that is in an athlete's mind and repertoire that he has to understand and deal with that and most of them do.

Q.  How is Winston's practice this week?  Is he mentally ready to go for this big game?
COACH FISHER:  I hope so.  He's practiced well and he's practiced like he has all the other weeks.  He seems very relaxed and focused on what he has to do as far as his execution and it's been a normal week of practice.

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