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October 12, 2013

Jeremiah George

Jarvis West


Q.  What unfolded in front of you and how did you see that play develop?
JARVIS WEST:  I just ran my blocks.  I just made a move on him, and I just finished the play after that.

Q.  Go over that return from the catch to ‑‑ replay it in your mind.
JARVIS WEST:  Once I caught the ball, I just realized that I had to make the right reads and Albert Gary met me through the hole and it opened up.  Like I said, it was down to one person, and I knew I could make him miss it.

Q.  (Indiscernible)?
JARVIS WEST:  I've heard of him, but I don't know much about him.  He's a good player.  They're good athletes.

Q.  With both of those returns that you had, did you see a lane early?
JARVIS WEST:  What return?  The punt returns?

Q.  Yeah, the punt returns.
JARVIS WEST:  We had it all week, and we went through leverages.  He gave me an opportunity, I set up the blocks and ran down the sideline and did as much as I could.

Q.  Jeremiah, was this a game where you guys had some opportunities that are just missed opportunities as the reason for not pulling this one out?
JEREMIAH GEORGE:  They were a very good football team.  There were some plays that we left out on the football field.  I've got to hand it to them.  They're ranked 28th, and they play like the top ranked team in the country.  We competed well, but I felt like we put ourselves in a bad position at times with a couple of missed tackles in open field.  We've done a good job of exercising and making open field tackles, and making the tackles sure tackles that we're supposed to make.  We just didn't do a great job of it today.

Q.  Coach Rhoads was getting a little fiery with you guys in the tunnel after the game.  It looked like he was doing his postgame speech outside.  What were some of the things he said to you guys?
JEREMIAH GEORGE:  Well, we talked about within these eight weeks we can get better, we can win games, but we have to do it collectively.  We have to get ready for every opportunity.  He was saying that he understands it hurts because we've got guys leaning out there, playing through injuries, playing through pain.  He's just saying we have an opportunity to succeed as long as we take the things that apply in everyday life and apply them to the football field.

Q.  Coach said that on Jarvis' kickoff return, it was a big momentum swing because things were kind of going Texas Tech's way.  Is that what you guys on the sideline felt too?
JEREMIAH GEORGE:  Yeah, it felt good.  We could balance it out because it was a 0‑7 ballgame, and Jarvis makes a big play like that and puts us back into 7‑7.  You go back out there with confidence.  It's not 7‑0 or 14‑7.  It feel goods, and it lets us know that, hey, let's make this stop so we can put our offense back in position.

Q.  You got Baylor coming in.  You've got another high‑octane team like that.  Going from one team to another, what is your mindset right now?  They're averaging over 70?
JEREMIAH GEORGE:  I don't care.  Honestly, they could put up a hundred points.  They're not going to do that against the Cyclone defense.  We're going to continue to practice, and continue to get better and play Cyclone football.  We're going to get better and do exactly what coach asks us to do.

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